Politics Has No Place In Sport


Still being endorsed as the movement is on the shirts sleeve now.Good to see that the Sky presenters Jamie Redknapp and Patrice Evra refused to wear the BLM badge on their shirts last night. People are trying to distance themselves from this political movement now.

When the English Premier League decided to stick "Black Lives Matter" on the back of the players shirts they crossed the line. They decided to choose a side even though they support their own anti racism campaign. This is muddy water that they have stepped into with hidden agendas.

This week the head of the English Premier League Richard Masters had to answer questions in front of MP's at the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee. He said their support for BLM is not political but unique. Maybe he should have done his homework first before being an ignorant fool and going ahead with their support. By branding their shirts they are endorsing it whether they like it or not. If you don't agree with one or two points or even one point you don't endorse it.

The agenda of BLM is all political and about destabalising the entire system through unrest. Defunding the police and today the BLM movement took sides against Israel standing with Palestine. I don't know what BLM has to do with this but this is all political and they have hidden agendas. The issue remains they are using something important like racism to achieve other things which is not morally right.

Things are so bad that black players are now questioning the movement. They feel the real cause is not the main cause and is just an excuse. Why has it taken them so long to see this and dumb idiots like Richard Masters backing this should have been removed with immediate effect.

Sport,politics and religion do not mix and should never. Peoples views are so strong on politics and religion that they should be avoided at all costs. Racism is different and should rightly be tackled in the correct manner. What the FA has done is to get in the middle of something they don't understand and should have remained neutral throughout.

It is amazing how things can suddenly change as only a few weeks ago we had Labor MP's taking a knee in recognition of BLM. This showed how gullible and weak they really are and all of a sudden they are back pedaling like the rest of the morons.

I hate politics yet it is thrown in our faces on a daily basis and even when we are watching sport. Sport is where you escape all the everyday bull and are meant to relax and enjoy whatever it is you are watching. FIFA has a rule that no political symbols are allowed on any football attire yet they allowed the Premier League to do this without mentioning it. The entire set up is weak and pathetic and they don't abide by their own rules, but seem to make them up as they go along to whatever suits them.


I couldn’t agree more, this can only create more trouble... Remember how a football game was the start of the war in Yugoslavia!

How did they think they’d ever play football in front of crowds of tens of thousands of paying fans without a police presence? Yes, defund the police and put yourself out of a job

i think it is actually damaging the movement the way this is being handled. I don't think anyone actually hated BLM before, but they are starting to.

I tend to agree with you on this. The movement moved the goal posts and the cause that it was meant to stand for is not exactly the same thing anymore. A real waste if you ask me as it is now damaging the cause it started out trying to promote.

i tend to think that extreme leftists can and will ruin anything they get behind just like the extreme right will do the same... the problem that the left doesn't realize is that their protest and riots are actually turning their own supporters against them. Do you really think you can indiscriminately destroy property in liberal neighborhoods and the people of that area are going to be on your side in the end? It's insane.