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Who would have thought the top 6 wanted more money?

The one quote describing this proposed deal I read made me laugh.

"This is a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas."

When I first read the new proposal by the clubs on how to move forward in the Premier League I had to do a double take. I read it once and decided to clear my head before revisiting their proposal. There are obviously certain angles benefitting certain parties and it is all about themselves and not for the better of everyone involved. Unfortunately when things like this are proposed you have to look at who is benefitting and why.

I understand that the revenue generated needs to be handed out equally and fairly the best it can. There are some drastic measures proposed which smacks of a power grab and a hostile take over. When so much money is at stake and the livelihoods of so many especially down in the lower leagues something needs to change. The proposal they have offered is not the answer and will only lead to a top heavy dominance which is not healthy for the game.

It is not surprising to see Manchester United and Liverpool leading this proposal both having American owners. If we think back to what Fenway Sports suggested over a year ago about using Liverpool as a cash cow then they can definitely not be trusted. The Glaziers at Manchester United don't care about the club and see it as a business generating income and nothing else.

The proposal to change the League from 20 clubs to 18 with the bottom two being relegated and the club in 16th spot fighting it out in the playoffs. The top 2 from the Championship would be promoted with the 3rd,4th and 5th placed teams fighting it out in the playoff with the 16th team from the Premiership. The winner would then be promoted into the Premier League.

The other idea which is the scary part is the top 6 (Manchester United, Liverpool,Tottenham,Arsenal,Chelsea and Manchester City) plus the next longest serving being Everton,West Ham and Southampton would have special voting rights. Not the 1 vote per club as it stands right now. Currently out of the 20 Premier League clubs for anything to get passed you would require 14 votes. Under this proposal you would only need the support of 6 from the 9 big teams which is risky for everyone else involved in English football.

The biggest shake up is in the financials where this thought process obviously is stemming from. Currently the clubs share 4 percent of the total revenue including the television income and they want that changed to 25%. I do believe that a bigger share of the rewards needs to be addressed but not by 600%. Questions need to be asked where is all the money going as obviously someone is benefitting. This will be enticing to the smaller clubs as they will be receiving more revenue and can see why some will go for this.

The European Football clubs generated €28.9 billion in the season 2018/19. If we break that down it shows the English clubs generated £6.2 (€6.9 million) and comparing that to Spain who only managed €3.4bn and are second in the European revenue stakes. That is double what the clubs in Spain earn and the clubs still want more of the pie. Football is showing what a dirty crooked business they are operating and the overpricing of everything involved with football needs to be stopped.

Many clubs in the lower leagues face bankruptcy right now and they need financial assistance in order to survive. This is not the time to be trying to pull of a coup as greed is definitely driving this proposal. Clubs in the top tier who know they have some clout are flexing their muscles as they would like more and when does wanting more ever end.

If the Premier League gives into this then what will happen next? The top 6 will vote for more revenue to flow their way as they have the supporters backing them. Manchester United could argue that they have the biggest fanbase and would want an extra percentage for that. This is not in the best interests of the lower clubs, but only for the top few and I honestly hope it doesn't happen.

The problem I have with this proposal is that the top 6 change and if we take Manchester United as a prime example as they are no longer the great club of English football. We see how they run a club and now they are going to have a massive say in the running of the sport. By reducing the numbers of teams in the premiership by 2 there is more of a chance of getting relegated and don't see that logic. There is definitely another plan that has not been explained after this that will follow and just don't trust where the idea originally came from. The power in the hands of a select few is very dangerous and this cannot be allowed to happen.


If anything we should be going the other way on this and reducing the influence of money on the game mandating more youth be in matchday squads, actually capping spending and wage bills to income and not financing it with financial doping or debt-equity.

stop promoting gambling companies to kids, for the sake of more income.

And then wanting to pay lip service to shit like BLM, just play the damn game and get on with it

I have been planning on watching more soccer, but then I noticed that college volleyball is on and that has taken more of my attention. Besides American Football. Soon my college team will be playing again and my focus will be on that.

You are right, when power is in the hand of some people and not the right people, it is abused which affect the people below.

The way money is placed as priority on game makes it a place where everyone wants to come in, stay and gain power so they can benefit for their selfish interest.

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Greed and Ego They think that they are the superstars of the league and people will follow like crazy. They forget the fact that the basis of the league is the other leagues and other passionate fans from towns and cities. Whenever someone tries to argue that they would like to have weighted vote based on certain metrics, i raise my eybrows.

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