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RE: What motivates you to run? My methods are a little strange I guess.

Lol. She was showing off to you and then you passed her so she probably wanted to perve on you. 10km is about the right distance as it is not that knackering and it is normally an hour. Also hate treadmills but I do enjoy the stationary bike. Need to get those latest ones where you can race other people. I think if I had one of those I would be skin and bones and not the 220 pounds I am now. Not terribly overweight as literally 3 weeks of exercise and will be like action man again.


those exercise bikes do look fantastic, but they are really expensive and that will likely prevent me from ever having one. It would turn it into a video game of sorts though and this is a tactic that spin classes use (well I suppose "used" because of Covid) and it was very effective in those environments as well.