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Over the last few weeks the subject of a salary cap has been raised yet again for rugby and football teams. Honestly I do believe this should have happened years ago already as the wages have spiraled out of control. No player is worth some of the amounts being paid and it has to stop somewhere.

The rugby clubs in England came to a sensible decision for next season capping clubs at 6 million down from the previous season of 7 million. They can have one player per team that is not included in this cap so they can all have one main star if required. If I was a coach I would not want that as it makes a division in the dressing room. I would much rather see the squad all fit into the 6 million cap and instead of having a so called 'superstar'pay bonuses to everyone on performances and results.

FIFA is also considering something similar with a cap per team ruling out the stupid transfers going into the 100's millions. Clubs have to be run as a business and if so have to abide by the rules of financial fair play. If every club did this and was sensible with their wage bill most of them would have sufficient cash flow and not always be in serious debt.

In the corporate world if a company does well it normally provides it's employees with incentive bonuses or share options and I believe the same should be applied to the players and coaching staff. If every salary had a range between 60 and 100 percent with 40 percent being made up by performance and results then maybe certain teams wouldn't be anguishing at the bottom of the table

Some players seem to just turn up and expect without actually delivering anything meaningful to the team. If your team is having a bad run of things then you cannot expect to be paid a full salary until things turn around. This will raise the players commitment and should make the team play as a team turning their fortunes around. Performance related pay should be the way the sport is governed and this way you wont have players milking the clubs without actually performing.

I think we can all think of players off the top of our heads that haven't actually performed very well yet they still take the wage packet each week. Look at Sanchez who went form Arsenal to Man United and he just looked so disinterested with sub par performances as he knew he was being paid no matter what.

I don't believe the football clubs will go this route though even though I believe it is right. A salary cap will be introduced and knowing how the rules are written up there will be loop holes that will be exploited such a s marketing and players endorsements that will see them make the same as today if not more. The ball is in FIFA's court right now and we will have to wait and see what they come up with.

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This is interesting. I'm not up to date with what's going on with their salaries but I know some earn quite a lot.
Regarding the decision of having one superstar in each team, that will only cause trouble if you ask me. They are about to find it out.

Pretty soon the major leagues will hit the glass ceiling in regards to TV revenues which can’t continue to grow exponentially forever. Once that happens then football will need to find a new financial model of some sorts and a salary cap could well be a part of that