Sports OCD Curation Weekly Report

I can't believe another week ahs ticked by and it feels like only yesterday I was writing last weeks report. Today looking at the umbers we have 815 members which is up from last week by 16 and up overall by 93. The active members is on a slide and believe the slide that we saw last week and this week will stop over the coming weeks. That figure is 129 and virtually double since this initiative stated when we had only 65 active members. Losing one or two could be down to the hardfork so I am not reading much into this right now. At least things are getting back to normal and was one of the better hardforks I have experienced overall.

Over the last few weeks I initiated a sporting memories topic which has gone down well. Many users took advantage of having the set topic and now would like to introduce the next one for the coming weeks. You can write on these topics with pleasure, but please don't expect to be curated on all of them as we are supporting everyone who posts something decent. Everyone seems to be putting more effort into their writing and posts need to show that in order to be voted on. Posts with 300 words are just not good enough so take the time and be proud of what you put your name to.

The whole idea is the create a different experience for the members of @sportstalk allowing them access to extra curation which sometimes they would normally miss out on. The trending page needs to reflect this allowing new names to be highlighted showing that the tribe is not dominated by one or two authors like it has been over the past 6 months.

As a member of @sportstalk you should be looking out and commenting on posts in the tribe as well. I have noticed whilst curating that there is not a huge amount of engaging happening and we must all put some effort in to try and change that. Myself included as I know I should do more, but realistically have been limited by time checking those damn images.

I understand many get frustrated but an image if wrongly used makes the post wrong in my view. It doesn't matter how much effort and time you spent on it the fact still remains you cannot be curated so what is the point? I believe everyone needs chances to get things right and will openly help you if you are stuck.

This week I have had a few of you asking me questions via discord and that is probably the easiest way to reach me. If you are hesitant and not sure I am here to help like a few others who I know will willingly help.

We have been receiving many sports posts regarding football and match reports lately. If you want to be different and stand out then add your own personal touches and thoughts. None of us are professional writers so there is no point trying to compete when we are nowhere near. Remember most of us are sports lovers and most likely have seen the match you are writing on and if it is not different than just factual then who is going to read it? To stand out you need to add your personality along with your viewpoints.

Maybe another mistake this week, but I am purposefully adding the next topic at the bottom of this post to see if any of you read much. As I said earlier you can post more than one, but will note who has been forwarded and will be harsher on the second posts as everyone needs a chance.

The hashtag #sportinginjuries is another easy topic and should include just about everyone who has played sport at some point. A sprained ankle is not an injury as that can happen walking the dog and is a discomfort in my sporting injury category so please only serious ones. Just preempting what might be coming with a chuckle as there are injuries and then there are injuries. Footballers tend to think they are tough, but in all truth it is not really a contact sport and if they get injured it is more by accident.

All in all a good week as the variety of sports being posted about seems to have diversified a lot more. Still loads of football which is expected along with many others now which hasn't always been the case. Keep posting and above all enjoy what you are doing as this is a fun place.


Well we learn with time. I started writing sports a long time ago and it's great to have come this far. I guess you could probably do a post to like talk about how people could know the right football or sports images to use if you have the time.

Truthfully then we probably can't use any legally as we are earning rewards from them. Getty is just a serious no go zone. Even when we take off twitter we have no right really to be doing so. The free photos available are not that great and will add nothing to a sports post. This is why I think we must be strict on Getty for now as if we aren't then what are we going to post if it is all off limits. I see you and @arsenal4life are using something different now. Just need to get through to him this is how it is.

Well I tried that toon image of Lampard and I guess that's not really what I wanted but then like you said, Getty is a "no go area" I believe I'll try to see if I can maybe take direct photos maybe off live games and work on editing them to use for my sports posts

I don't see why you can't follow the live commentary feeds like the daily mail have and use their screen shots from the televised games. I am not sure how long their feeds stay up but I would say that is the best bet right now. Sky sports live feed is useless as it is mainly Getty now.

Basically, I use screenshots of March reports if I'm talking about a game. And most of the photos are getty images

Hopefully those people who are not using images properly can learn and get on the right track. It sounds like they are already on their way there. I think copyright is really important but using something that someone else created and getting paid for it is just wrong unless you explicitly have permission or it was taken from a free source like Pixabay. It sucks not having the latest up to date photos in your post, but people need to learn that Google Images is not one of those free sources.

I agree and we are taking baby steps for now. Stopping Getty is the priority and then we will look at what is next. Some are coming up with new ways so I am keen to see how this develops. I get loads of twitter and I am sure this is wrong and why I have gone the Formula One route as they employ their own photography teams.
We are dancing in grey areas right now and sport needs photos on that specific event or topic which many free sites will not have. It is a tough one and don't want to cut everyone off at the knees right now.

You can still use a generic photo and talk about the event. For the most part unless you were there the commentary is what is important. I talked about the Lions game the other day and used a photo from a game I went to years ago. I don't think anyone cared that it wasn't current because it is the text that really mattered in that post. I am not trying to argue, I am just saying, turning a blind eye now will make it harder to enforce down the road.

I think I'll go with this, a generic picture is a safe landing to avoid picture plagiarism.

I do agree with you and believe it is something we need to work on.

In your next update, it might be cool to list links to where approve images should be taken. I'm a local man and I prefer my original pictures if what I need doesn't exist in Pixabay.

Greetings friends, it is the first time that I socialize a publication in your community, the initiative on sports memories caught my attention, it seemed very appropriate, it is the way to express some stages that have been significant for the members of the platform. I hope soon to be able to share other articles with you.

See you later, have an excellent week

Interesting theme again, but does it mean that #sportingmemories would not get curated? Could we have a mix of that? Just thinking. On the image, there's more to be done.

No they will depending on what the post is. have had some now with things that happened last weekend saying they are memories so it is those posts I am trying to deter.

Every player is prone to getting injured and I believe there's no sportsman that hasn't been injured before either small or big injuries. I for one have had many injuries overtime while in the field of play and I'd be glad to share of the memories I have about that though I won't have personal photos of them.

PS: what's your discord or telegram handle?

Whether writing about injuries to professional players in top European football leagues using photos according to the contents of the writing and giving back stories will get curation,

of course with additional opinions and suggestions that are useful for football athletes themselves or also apply to other professional sports athletes who we will lift the story