Sports OCD Incubation Curation Update

Another week ticks by and the good news is the Sports tribe is still growing. The community has found another 13 new members taking our tally up to 869 and up from a starting point of 722. Sure not everything has come because of the @ocd initiative but it has helped. Users are attracted by rewards and why it is important to keep things fair and equal for everyone. We as a tribe are still on track to achieve 1000 members by the end of the year.

Over the last two months there are some cracking new members who have written some great stuff and recommend anyone looking for decent stuff to check them out.
@kraken99 and @mvl2304 have some interesting blogs going on.

Contests where you can earn rewards and the members who we should all be supporting. If you haven't entered a contest to win something then at least give it a try.

@leedsunited is back after a period of absence with his guess the score football contest.
@sportsncoffee that runs multiple contests mainly on American sports.

@sportstalk did a post yesterday asking for opinions on changing the way we vote. So far the responses have been unanimous to support what Leo have done with the linear curve.

I think it is a great way to get things busier in the tribe and to actually curate and support everyone. I mentioned we needed to be busier in the engagement department as that is what curation groups are looking at right now. Comments and replies are just as rewarding as the votes and complete a post.

It looks sad when I see competitions offering free sports tokens just for entering and they have no takers. Personally I just think it is a little slack on all of us and we can spend 30 minutes checking posts out. I put myself in that category as well but I honestly am trying to get as many curated as possible as it is a time factor.

Please remember for curation a post needs to be a decent offering of around 500 words as a minimum and as long as you want. Over the last two months I have skipped some posts to give others a chance or skipped as you had a post curated the day before. Please keep that in mind that I don't think that it is right to get 2 days running unless it is a cracking post.

If you want to see what has been curated just look at the Peakd trending page for sports. Some of you wanted me to highlight these posts but in fairness @ocd is curating and jumping before them would be a bit unfair. You are more than welcome to go and vote however.

One other thing is there is some movement happening behind the scenes with a sports think tank on how to move the tribe forward. If anyone has ideas they are more than welcome to voice them as this is a community and not ruled by one person. We all have a say and all want this place to be far bigger than it is now.

One of the problems I do believe is how many actifit posts we have on the sportstalk feed and sports posts get lost in between. This has also made it a nightmare for curation and why I try and use Peakd. The problem lies in the fact if you don't use Peakd to post from it doesn't show over there in sports so I have to be fair and go hunting amongst the hundreds of running and walking posts. This I believe is not showing sports full potential and the trending page is remarkably different on the two sites. One obviously trends on Hive rewards and the other on sports tokens. This actually gives me an idea which could change that last point. We need to change sports trending on sportstalk and it can be done.


I'm looking forward to you guys using linear curve and I hope I will make good post that everyone enjoys in future @ocd help with curation is good for new and old user because lots of people don't post in some community because of low reward
You Know about that I think everyone does anyway future for sports talk social is looking good for the time being I'm gonna post about sports and my locally games

@kraken99 writes pretty well really, I just dropped by to drop a comment and commend him.

Yeah I think I should do that too

thank you very much

That has always been an issue with those Actifit posts. I am not sure they are actually benefitting me anything, but I try to keep up with them because it keeps me accountable in terms of my health.

Yeah, trusting that things would bubble up by the year end. There are several local leagues ongoing in my locality an d I'm trying to be involved to register the presence of SportsTalkSocial. Hopefully, some of them would join us and we'll have more traffic here. Glad to have @leedsunited back and active.

Meanwhile, which account do you use to reblog posts you recommend for curation. I 'll love to drop 100% SPORTS votes for such users and also curate comments under them. That's my way to support the build towards quality in this community.

I don't tend to reblog posts and maybe I should. Will start doing it from today as that is a good point.

Good to see that progress is being made day-by-day.

Over the last two months I have skipped some posts to give others a chance or skipped as you had a post curated the day before. Please keep that in mind that I don't think that it is right to get 2 days running unless it is a cracking post.

This is a nice idea as it would enable everyone to have a share of @ocd 's curation. About suggestions on how to grow the community, I just made a recent stating my little ideas. You could check it later.

it is very difficult to read sports posts from Sportstalk condeser because, as you pointed out, there are too many post actifits.

using Peakd you can start the problem but you need to do something about it. Leofinance certainly has more appeal in interaction for several reasons: interesting token price, roadmap, processing and updates on the platform.

Unfortunately Sportstalk seems a bit adrift, with inflation and excessive supply. Do we have devs that can take over the platform?

unfortunately not and I would have liked to have been to be able to contribute to the Sportstalk community, having a good amount of coins in my dedicated account @claudio83.sports

Not to worry as we will make this work and expect big things from here over the next few years.

well, I'm very happy. So can you confirm that there are any devs working on Sportstalk?

That is why we are being proactive. Are you a dev?