Sportstalk Curation Showcase

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The Sportstalk Curation showcase is here to high light all the top posts in @sportstalksocial over the last week. The posts highlighted still fall within the 7 day window for curation so all posts are live if you want to add an upvote or two.

The life and times of Iron Mike Tyson 💪🥊

The first post out the gates tonight is from @ablaze our member from Ireland who produces top quality posts consistently. He was featured last week and is well deserved to feature yet again. @ablaze is still new to the sports tribe and is already making his mark. Being a sports lover is obvious as he covers all sports varying the content weekly.

His latest post follows the career of Iron Mike Tyson and for those that don't know what a wasted talent Iron Mike turned out to be when he had the world at his feet. I still today watch Tyson's knockouts as he was that destructive early on in his career. A great read and is highly recommended.

Xavi Hernández Story

@cryptosimplify makes a welcome return after having a break and was noticed by myself especially as you wonder where the posts are. In @sportstalksocial there is a core group who consistently post decent quality and if one or two disappear it does leave a void and still shows that we need more members.

This week @cryptosimplify highlights the career of Xavi Hernandez the legendary player from Barcelona and Spain. This is a great read and one must acknowledge the time and effort it takes to write one of these epic posts.You know you are a great player when you can still stand out in a team full of superstars. Xavi is tipped at some point to take over the managerial reigns at Barcelona. Lets hope he takes his time and learns the skills required to managing one of the worlds biggest football teams. Too many ex players are pushed into the spotlight too early only to fail tarnishing their careers.

@jongolson does a sports show on Sundays with his Sports Nerds Crew on 3Speak. This week the crazy bunch discuss the drafts for various teams and is good light hearted banter. I am not a huge fan of American Football, but if you love sports it is a good listen. It is amazing how everyone wears their caps. We don't have enough live video content and this is important that we help to promote such use of our various platforms on Hive like @3Speak.

Three Virtues of Golf: Altruism, Adaptability, and Humour

@fermentedphil is back again being highlighted two weeks in a row with another great article. For any of us that have played golf we can understand the 3 virtues of golf very clearly. This is probably the most pleasurable and frustrating sport I have ever played as anything is possible.

This week we had less posts than last week so I am hoping we have a bumper week ahead as maybe everyone was taking a break after their mammoth efforts last week. Keep on posting as consistency and quality is rewarded.


Lots of great stuff! That is cool that they do a weekly show! I don't tend to watch much content like that. I just don't have the time, but I still think it is cool that they do it.

Thanks a lot for the mention

I needed a break because some personnel stuff and to write my posts I need a good pair of hours. So now everythng it is a litle more calm and I will make my post at least once per week.

It is nice to be back

Appreciate the mention and thanks for the coverage of our show.

Thanks a lot for the shout out and kind words!! Much appreciated 🍻

Thanks again for the shoutout and mention! I really appreciate this.

So what happened to the crazy fight with Chris Weidman breaking his leg?