Sportstalk Curation Showcase

It is midweek once again and that means it is time for our weekly showcase right here on @sportstalksocial to highlight some of the top posts. All these posts are live meaning they are still eligible for votes falling in the 7 day window. Every week I am trying to highlight different people, but that is easier said than done as some need to engage more with the community and they now know who they are. I am hoping the direct approach will work as they have so much to offer and are obviously missing out.

Lausanne: The Silicon Valley of Sports

First up this week is from a new member of the sports community @satriotomo and has definitely added value in what he brings. I knew Lausanne was where the head of the Olympics was based and FIFA after the Sepp Blatter scandal a few years ago, but had no idea nearly 3/4 of all Olympic sports governing bodies are based here as well. This makes perfect sense, but the major sports besides Football at least are based away from what I would call corruption center. An interesting read and really hoping @satriotomo can become a regular on the weekly show case in the future.

Messi, Ronaldo, the decline of the idols and the strength of the team.

@greengalletti is fast becoming a go to author on our sports tribe as he writes on various sports and not just football. I have read many posts of his on Formula One and Motor GP and is great as it shows his love for sport. This post highlights the obvious and where the weaknesses lie in their teams when such legends of the game start to fade away. How are Barcelona going to replace Messi and the answer is they can't. A once in a generation footballer doesn't just happen every year and Ronaldo and Messi will be irreplaceable.

Big Phil is the US PGA Champion 2021 ⛳

I was trying to avoid @ablaze this week but that would be unfair even though he has featured every week since this showcase started. When you write on so many different sports topics it is great to have all types of sports and not just one or two and why I think @ablaze stands out more than some others. It is a huge feat for someone to win the US PGA but when you are over 50 it is even more remarkable as the younger guys seem to just have the edge. I can remember a time when there were question marks over him if he would ever win a major and he put those thoughts to bed almost 20 years ago. Another great read and well worth following and supporting @ablaze.

The story behind English Counties bid to host the IPL - Cricket's very own Super League scandal

I have always enjoyed reading posts from @talesfrmthecrypt as he fills me in on what I have missed out on in the English cricket scene. We know sports are run more by their money decisions than for the best interests of the sport. I put nothing past anyone these days as it is all about the buck and the ECB is no different.

There were so many posts that could have been added but the members just are disqualifying themselves by not contributing to the community. I have said this so many times that the post is only part of being a member and you need to do more. When you are new doing 20 comments a day is where your head should be and not 3 or 5 comments per week.


Thank you for the mention received, for quoting my article and for the concepts so generously expressed about me as a sports author.

In a previous comment I referred to the synergy that emerges between the two main sports communities of #HIVE and the preponderant role that Sports Talk Social plays in this action.

Every time I see better opinion articles and this is due to the fundamental work of the curators of each community and the platform in general.

I fervently hope that the Sports Talk Social sports community continues to develop and expand, offering us a personal and objective view of all sports in general.

Best regards @cryptoandcoffee.

I think you are getting a great benefit from the curation, perhaps the greatest benefit, I see that there are some decent posts that are not voted on and I surely don't send them to be voted on.
You have already said several times that you want to give everyone a chance, so don't post too often unless it is a great post, but I see you posting very often. What about congruence?
I think you are abusing your power.

Lol. Maybe those others who don't get curated are similar to your account who has posted 2 comments since December. Why not be more constructive and add some value.

and since when are you the owner of this community? i tell you that you are abusing your power by imposing rules that you make up yourself.

Thanks for the shout out mate.

As a follow up to my article, they were interviewing the outgoing CEO of Surrey County Cricket Club, probably the richest County in this country, during the lunch interval of one of the games played over the weekend and he had a few choice words to say about the ECB and their handling of the situation. Apparently, the CEOs of all 18 counties were ushered into a room and told that the new Hundred format was happening and to get with the programme.

A really good but equally quite upsetting documentary on the state of cricket and its administrators/money men is 'Death of a Gentleman'. Worth a watch if you have a spare couple of hours

Nice collection of stuff here. I didn't realize tales was still kicking around. That is pretty awesome. I need to make sure I am following him.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Avoid @ablaze at all cost, you will spend your day reading all his posts otherwise!!! Very time consuming 😁

As always fantastic the weekly selection of works, the contents are extremely spectacular. Excellent work @cryptoandcoffee