Sportstalk OCD Incubation Curation Update

First of all a Merry Christmas to all of our sports community members which for many I know doesn't mean that much as things are definitely not normal right now. Not much we can do as they are the uncontrollables we have in life and Covid is definitely one of them. Stay active and keep posting is the one controllable we all have.

Looking back over the last week it has been relatively quiet which we tend to expect this time of the year. Families look at us cross eyed at the best of times when we disappear to write posts and engage with others on the block chain and Christmas is seen as their time.

Over the last week we managed to drag in another 9 members taking our tally to 939 which is 61 short of the year end goal. Maybe we can hit 950 by the 31st as I remain positive and hopeful this may be possible. If any of you haven't joined sports yet please subscribe as every member is valued.

20 posts were submitted since our last post regarding the OCD incubation curation and there were some new names amongst the authors which is always a highlight for me. I can comfortably say we have close to 50 authors who provide decent posts on a regular basis covering a variety of sports.

Variety is where we will find the growth of the community as I believe having core groups supporting things like hand ball, volley ball and not just main stream sports like football.

There are a number of opportunities presenting themselves now and we need to capitalise on them. @cryptosimplify has come forward and volunteered his time to help upgrade our front end and I was going to check if there is anyone else who has some skills to help him. I would but what I know is dangerous lol and will help in other ways. I expect in the New Year we will gather a core group of users and have regular meet ups on discord as we need to start being active with what happens next.

The reality is we need to break away from what we currently have to give us a separate identity to show we have some movement and a community that is active. There have been a few posts and comments and reading between the lines the Hive community is watching hoping communities start doing new things. Fortunately tribes like Leo have shown the way and we need to start following not the same path but a path of our own.

One of the opportunities is for someone like @cryptosimplify to get some of his team mates signed up. For those of you who don't know he is playing in league hand ball in Portugal and this is a prime opportunity to get another 20 or 30 people involved fairly quickly. I believe we could find some delegations to help onboard them as I would delegate Hive and Sports to make their journey a little easier.

I believe we have to look around us if we are involved in team sports as those should be the closest mates and an easy sell right now. I have some ideas to speed up the growth, but would like to see the front end change and some new ideas thrown out first.

One idea would be to create a Hive slush fund for sports and will mention this to @patrickulrich. A post every day or every other day voted by the community with the Hive staked for development purposes. Burning tokens is not really doing much damage and development is the key to growing the community and increasing the price of the token.

Next year should be a year of change and change is good as we will move upwards as a community seizing any opportunity that we can. Please in the comments any ideas that you might have and things that you would like to see change. The community decides and it is up to all of us to make things happen.

I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the sports community to @ocd for their support over the last 3 months. This has been something that has really helped our growth and it is truly appreciated by everyone. New users are the heartbeat of any community and we need to keep growing.


Merry Christmas to you as well! I can't say that I'm not excited to get out of 2020 and hoping for a positive year for everyone next year.

I completely agree on variety bringing in more people. Being a home to a wide range of sports and eventually teams within these smaller leagues or hopefully even larger ones will be a way to grow interest for everyone in the community. We all enjoy multiple sports after all.

Right now the way the Daily SPORTS Curation Report runs is by checking for 10 different sports and then upvoting the top 5 posts under that sport. It then catalogs those posts it found on the report it publishes from @sportstalksocial. It checks each day for #football, #americanfootball, #baseball, #basketball, #golf, #tennis, #hockey, #cricket, #mma and #boxing. I'm interested if anyone has any ideas for replacing any of these tags for something like #handball or if there would be interest in expanding the list to something like 20 sports and just add in 10 new ones. I like the idea of 10 though mainly to keep a clean list on the homepage for sports and their league pages.

As for development I'm really excited to seeing @cryptosimplify be a part of the team. I think front end changes will be important as well as developments on the backend like what LEO is going after with their Lightning DB. Personally I think once we have the DAO infrastructure ready from ARCHON we'll have a much better ability to move forward on projects like that. I'm sure if we posted a petition seeking a feature and there was wide approval that showed it would be developed there are developers even beyond what's in our community already who would step up to help out. I think that ability to signal needs will be game changing for us.

Once we have the DAO we'll essentially already have the ability for a "slush fund" account that would be managed by all stakeholders. That will go for both Hive assets held in managed accounts but also tokens like SPORTS or other tribe tokens. Each comment on a governance bot will essentially be building the value held in those governance accounts. I'd be open to proposing a regular daily post from that account similar to what ARCHON does with their daily mining reports. That would also allow us a wider net than just the curation reports from @sportstalksocial account for daily upvotes on tribe maintenance.

This sounds exactly what we need and something we can all get behind. I have had concerns over how we are going to move forward and this is much clearer and has put me at ease. We have loads to do and can't wait.

Those sound like some great ideas. I have been trying to do some more curation on the Sports side, but pretty much all of the posts are either Soccer or Actifit. We really need to fix that. I am not sure how though.

Thanks for the fine efforts. I hope we'll be having a great time in Sports.

I have no idea who @cryptosimplify is but now I do. Thank you for bringing your teammates to the platform.

I am thinking of organizing a football contest in my street. It will give more publicity to the sports talk social platform.

The details are still not concrete and ironed out.

A big thank you to the @ocd for their support to the sportstalk social community

It's great to see a steady increase of users coming into the tribe and that is a for a lot of it down to your hard work in keeping the tribe active and motivated.
It's great to see progress on the UI and in the governance system. These will both be important factors going forward.

If we do have a slicker site with ads, onboarding and self governance it will really be up to us to push it forward. We all cry out for the tools, so if we are handed them the responsibility is on all stake holders to improve the tribe going forward.