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RE: Reaching 32 Million SPORTS Stake

We have been here a while now and good to see you growing consistently. I heard about it only a month or two later so I was also happy as sports is my passion.


Time flies so fast. When you do something you love and enjoy, you don't realize how fast time goes. Yes, we have been here a while. You are very consistent and the way you raise your voice for this platform, that's praiseworthy. Thank you. :)

You can say that again. Consistency is what many lack in pursuing a dream. You too have been consistent with your content.

You both with Razak has been my motivation to stay and invest here. Each time I looked at your stakes and that you were not powering down, I knew there is hopw for the tribe.

I remember when you focus more on this platform. Since then, you just keep going with high speed and consistently. I read posts where someone says he gets involved and pays more attention to SportsTalkSocial by reading your posts. Thank you @uyobong.sports for everything.