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RE: Manchester United | Stonewall penalty denied because it will "cause a lot of talk".

I agree referees have to play to the rules and stand by what is right and wrong. They say it balances out over the course of a season, but that is not the point. I watched the game and thought of the Everton match when they were denied a clear penalty by something fairly similar and it cost Everton 2 points against United. They need to fix this and can't with the standard of officials reffing the game.


I agree but I absolutely despise that argument that it balances out because it absolves the referees of responsibility keeping us mark timing in this mediocrity.

For instance, last season Aston Villa survived relegation even after the the goal keeper dragged the ball into his own net. For some reasom goal line tech did not work but you could see it on VAR.

This season, the new West Brow strike, Diagne, had his hand wrapped around Lindelof's face as he headed the ball for their opener but VAR did nothing.

The same at Sheffield. De Gea got pushed in the back in the most obvious manner, but in both this situations the argument was that they should have been stronger.

Yet, on the other hand, City are getting away with offside goals and close-range handball penalties.

I am in disbelief!

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