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RE: OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

In the few posts I make about our community, I always talk about posts about games that appear in our community or use our tag and end up just doing SPORTS.

Several times I published a link to posts on our disco that in my opinion should receive a downvote from the community but I never or rarely had any kind of feedback.
The @sportstalksocial community account should have a more active stance on this, as it should be the most interested that your token is not being farmed and dumped.

I also raised the question of actifit, but I learned that it was that way from the beginning and that at this moment it seems that nothing is going to be done about it.

It seems to me that our community wants to be one that everyone can farm and publish whatever they want since it does not establish a position that we are a serious community and that we do not tolerate SPAM as in other tribes.


I agree and have been downvoting on my own and a few others. For now that is what we have to do and clean the site up protecting what we have as a community. I will start again as I normally have days when I do it and leave it for a few days.