Lakers Rajan Rendo to lose 6-8 weeks with a broken finger

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He will undergo surgery to repair a fracture of his right finger during a practice in Orlando on Sunday evening.

Rondo is expected to return to full basketball activity in six to eight weeks. The Lakers first game since the start of the NBA season will be the playoffs against the Clearup on July 30th.

This season you helped him anchor the second unit of the Rondo Lakers with an average of 20.5 minutes per game. He also averaged 7.1 points per game and five assists and three catches.

The injury means the Lakers will be without two guards who were a key part of their rotation in the first half of the season before being suspended by the NBA on March 11 due to COVID-19.

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Maybe this regular season is not a season to end.
Too many players are out, for covid and not just covid.