WWE 2020 Greatest Wrestling Match

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Greatest Wrestling Match Between Randy Orton and Edge in WWE showdown.
Randy Orton vs. Edge

It's not have been The Greatest Match Ever but it was a damn good encounter between a pair of living legends in the WWE.

The Randy Orton and Edge no favor by billing this match the Greatest Match Ever and would have benefited by leaving people pleasantly surprised and shocked . what got was one of the best Randy Orton matches in years and Edge proving that he can still work a really good match.

They certainly gave this a big match feel with the late Howard Finkel on introductions and piped in crowd noise and enhanced lighting.

The crowd noise was little obnoxious considering that there were not that many Performance Center talents in the crowd to begin with and they overreacted to every single hip toss .

But that shouldn’t take away from how hard these two worked.
Some excellent chain wrestling familiar callbacks to past eras like some color courtesy of Randy Orton near falls and all of the ingredients that should deliver a great match. Unfortunately They ramme the concept down our throat to create an unachievable high.

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