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We are back again on Euro2020 live section to witness the heavy clash, some called it pre final match before final.


Let's keep our comments rolling,
Give update on the match is you have any and the match is still on.
Predict players to score and all sort Concerning the game.


This is the match line up,
Predict the man of the match for the game.

Your humble moderator @da-prince
Keep the comments rolling.


And it as eneded,France as carried the day,what a win for them

France won as a result of own goal by GERMANY player Mats Hummels.

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Actually saw this late. The French didn't disappoint even though the goal came through an own goal. The got the much needed 3 point

I think you should come up with your post atleast 30 minutes before kick off so we get the interaction going

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The own goal gave the and advantage to win the game.

Thanks for that correction,I will try posting it earlier and good to see your engagement.

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Yeah. Any form of goal is needed as long as the 3points gets wrapped into the bag.

Glad you saw reason. My pleasure. Keep up doing what you know how to do best

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