Spain vs Sweden live comment section

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We are back again to witness the hit between Spain and Sweden, what will be the outcome?


The two teams have set their battle formation, let's see who have the tactics to break opponent defence to make an opening goal.
Keep your comment rolling, which team is taken the hard blow home....

We are live here on live blog-match-comment.go
Drop you comment let's make it life here.

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A smoked salmon sandwich of a football match if ever there has been one ..

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Cool nice one Maro.

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The match ends in a goalless draw which is as a result of good defensive effort of all Sweden players.

Yes Sweden players stood there ground on hold up the line not letting Spain to Score.

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This will be an entertaining contest. Will be pitching tent with Spain on this one has they seem to have a better squad

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Okay let's see if Spain delivers your predict.

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