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We are back again on Euro2020 live comment section.
Introducing you on today's game featuring between;


What is you say is this hit game
Your opinion matters so put it on the comment box.
Make prediction on the winning team and possible correct score that will play out.



Which way will this go judging by the game formation, both teams have drawn a strong line against each other.
The question is which country will kiss the net first?


Belgium is featuring Romelu lukaku, Dries mertens and Eden Harzard as there front men, what will they do in the game?

Belgium won there last match with 3 goal against Russia.
I'm curious to know what today's game will turn out to be.
Keep your comments rolling on this.

DENMARK on the other hand features Kasper Dolberg at top 9 position, yussuf poulsen, Mathias Jensen, Martin Braithwaite in there from line..I'm see some magic to be performed by them.
Denmark lost there game against Finland 0:1
The question is will they loose in today's game too?
I'm looking forward to see there performance in this game.

Keep your comments rolling, who is going to be the man of the match in this game?

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Sports fans let's roll.


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The Belgians currently trailing at half time. Not an expected outcome. I however think they have what it takes to turn the tie around in the second. Will they? I guess we will find out

Well I guess it played out the game turned around in second half as Belgium equalize the goal and won the match with 2 goals to 1

As expected. Such a vital win from Belgium. True contenders. Will be seeing how far they progress in the tournament

I'm betting on the to reach semi finals after fighting there way out of round 16. I trust on there team Spirit to go far in the tournament.

Yeah they should go far. They happen to be one of my favorites to eventually lift the trophy. They've got all it takes with their star studded squad