My NFL Power Rankings after Week Two

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It has been a very interesting NFL season so far!

I am continuing my NFL power rankings from last week! It really is a lot of fun to continue this, it's like putting together a puzzle based on my opinion.

Let me know what you think of my rankings and be sure to check out my video explaining how and why I chose tho put the teams in this order. Hive on everyone!

TeamDifferential From Last Week
1. Kansas City Chiefs-
2. Green Bay Packers-
3. Tennessee Titans-
4. Seattle Seahawks+1
5. Baltimore Ravens+1
6. New England Patriots+4
7. Buffalo Bills-
8. New Orleans Saints-4
9. Arizona Cardinals+2
10. Pittsburgh Steelers+2
11. Houston Texans+2
12. Los Angeles Rams+2
13. Jacksonville Jaguars+3
14. Minnesota Vikings-5
15. San Francisco 49ers-7
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1
17. Indianapolis Colts+3
18. Chicago Bears+1
19. Las Vegas Raiders+7
20. Dallas Cowboys+1
21. Los Angeles Chargers+1
22. Detroit Lions+1
23. Philadelphia Eagles-8
24. Denver Broncos-6
25. Cleveland Browns+6
26. Carolina Panthers+1
27. Cincinnati Bengals-3
28. Miami Dolphins+2
29. Washington Redskins (Redskins until an official name, sorry not sorry)-4
30. Atlanta Falcons-2
31. New York Giants-2
32. New York Jets-


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