Dunk Social is Hive's latest tribe and its all about basketball

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I got lucky and stumbled upon a few Dunk Social videos on 3Speak last night. Just in time for the launch of this brand new tribe. I am hyped that we now have a community focused on basketball and not just all sports in general.

In this video I show off some of what Dunk Social is about. This includes the logo, website dunksocial.io, the creator, and more.

If you're a fan of basketball, this tribe is going to be perfect for you. There is even a claimdrop for free tokens, so be sure to get in on that. I explain it all in this quick video.

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Excellent post, it really makes me proud that people are interested in @dunksocial Your video was well put together and covered all the important details of the platform! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you! Also not only am I a huge sixers fan (TTP) but I also went to Georgetown, so AI is the perfect jersey to be wearing; those old philly jerseys need to come back though for sure, they were the best ones.

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Thanks a lot dude! Believe it or not I rushed to get this created before I had to leave for work this morning. I think that this community has a successful future ahead of it. I really like the branding, plus I know a lot of people are super passionate about all things basketball.

AI is that dude! I modeled myself after him as a player growing up. Dope that you went to Georgetown like him!

I agree about the retro jerseys. I used to have multiple as a kid. I would love to get them again as an adult.

I would love to have those people join up! Let me know if I can help them out in any way! Sixers in 5!!

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Though I never was a big sports fan as a kid, growing up in South Jersey made me a 76ers fan by default. Since my home town was only an hour from Philadelphia, most of my schoolmates were fans of all the Philadelphia sports teams.

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My brother lives near Philly now. He has been to some recent Sixers games.

Despite my love for basketball, the only professional NBA game that I have attended was Sixers @ Cavs. It was Iverson against LeBron. Damn that was so dope, I am lucky to have witnessed two legends. I believe it was in 2005, which was arguably both of their greatest years in their 17-20 year legacies. That year AI averaged 33 points and LeBron 31.4 and each played about 42 minutes/game. It was a cool experience, but I haven't been to a game since.

i read "drunksocial" at first and that would also be a good idea. I do have a question for ya though and believe me when I say that I am not judging, I am just curious: When we keep slicing and dicing these communities into smaller and smaller niches, doesn't it run the risk of reducing the amount of already limited interaction that we currently have here now?

drunksocial would be interesting. I imagine nothing but videos of clumsy drunk people and IPA reviews.

I think that at the size of our community now, yes these niche communities may struggle for awhile. If they can survive past our infant stage, then they will be primed and ready to go once we have a larger audience on Hive.

It's really lovely to see a new tribe coming into Hive which is very very specialised on basketball. although I don't love basketball but I hope many of the basketball lovers will find this tribe useful to share their post in to this tribe and get the news from here.

I think there will be many users that are enthusiastic about Dunk Social. Overall it is a great thing for Hive. So even if you aren’t a huge basketball fan, you can still rejoice.

In Bangladesh, basketball is not a popular game and rarely played. That's why. Otherwise its a very popular game in many countries. Specialized niche group is always handy.thanks

Thanks for directing me to the #dunk
Hopefully this will bring all Basketball fans together.

Anytime dude. Gotta spread the word. I know this just came on my radar only a few days ago just as it was launching. It'll be exciting to see how quickly it grows.

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Congratulations brother for creating the community dedicated to basketball. I am a boxing lover, but I have played basketball a lot. Good that brother and successes.

I didn't create it.