Let's talk about Suns vs Clippers (Game 2)

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What a game! The Suns were able to defeat the Clippers in game 2 thanks to a solid effort from DeAndre Ayton, Cameron Payne, and Devin Booker. Paul George just couldn't carry LAC by himself to finish the game on top.

The most exciting part of the game happened during the final seconds when Jae Crowder threw an alley-oop to Deandre Ayton off a baseline inbound with 0.7 seconds remaining. Devin Booker set a perfect screen which opened up Ayton for the slam. This came just after Paul George was unable to extend the lead when he missed two free throws.

In this video, I go over the stats and my thoughts on everything that went down. I even make a prediction on how I think the rest of the series will go. Enjoy!

You can watch the full highlights of the game here:

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Booker's pick was fantastic on that Ayton play. Deandre was a bucket all night, really came out there and got it done in the paint all night. It was a good back and forth, but the fourth quarter was by far the best part. One of the craziest endings I have ever seen to a game. I think the Suns take it in 6, I still think the Clippers have a crazy offense that can go off at any moment, Reggie Jackson has been on fire all playoffs and if Mann can step up and drop 15-20 a night they have a solid chance to win. Suns in 4 WONT be happening in this one LOL

Looks like you were right. Both series are about to be neck and neck. These playoffs are great for NBA lovers.

Nice review. Clippers cannot win another game after this.
CP3 may be back unless KL is back.
By the way Hawks took game one against Bucks'

Thanks 😎
I too think the Clippers are done for. I believe Paul will be back for Game 3, but I down think Kawhi will still be out. Without him they can’t keep up with the Suns.

I saw the results of the Hawks/Bucks game. Giannis and Holiday both had great games. Trae Young decided to absolutely ball out and have an even better game. I think this series is going to be a whole lot more competitive. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top. Perhaps it even goes to 7 games.