My friend and I just became tennis pros

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Tennis at Joplin Park

I know I haven't posted about playing tennis much in the past, but trust me when I say that @simpleeme and @daltono and absolute professionals. You see we take our time on the court very seriously. There is no funny business, we are always focused on smacking the fuzz right off those odd colored balls. One thing for certain is that when our rackets come in contact with a tennis ball, there is guaranteed to be a crowd forming around us.

We hit the cement courts at Joplin Park one warm evening last weekend. Although we normally are an unstoppable team, we didn't find any opponents awaiting us there. This means we were left with no other choice but to face each over in a heated 1v1 battle.


This man considers himself a young Guillermo Vilas. @simpleeme may not be an Argentinian, but he sure as hell is one impressive tennis professional. Some call him "The Fuzzy Rubber Assassin", but his real friends know him as "Bird Boy". He may have a head like broccoli, but this dude is a walking phenom ready to pounce on his prey.













The other formidable tennis star featured in this post is none other than myself. I have often been described as a mixture of Boo and Yoshi from the Mario Tennis video games. A combination of tricky and speedy. I was never trained to be a proper tennis player, but I did figure out how to do it my own way. If one is unlucky enough to be matched against myself, then I will wish your weak shoulder a speedy recovery in advance. I won't ever kick you in the balls, but I will be aiming my smash shot at your tiny nutsack (don't worry, I have great aim.)






Hype or no hype, we always win

Together as one we call ourselves The Skins. We refuse to wear a shirt while playing tennis. It is our right as a human being to have a well-aligned tan. Plus there isn't much more masculine than some sweaty middle-aged tennis legends.

@simpleeme enjoys talking trash, but I waste no time on the talking. To me it is all about showing and proving. You can bet your asses that when this dynamic duo pulls out the tennis bag, we will shock viewers with our world renowned skills.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝

As you can very obviously see, my buddy @simpleeme and I are destined to be tennis champs. We are open to any and all challengers, we have yet to ever back down from a match up. You can expect to see us continue to solidify our legacy towards the tennis hall of fame. Let this be the day that you were given a reason to beg for more tennis action from these two killers.


Hive Artwork by: @daltono

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I like these characters too. They came so natural I honestly feel they were inside us all along lol. Can’t wait till the next time they hit the court together! Maybe a vlogged amateur event? Or host one for the Wayve? Idk but I agree, let’s brainstorm and build on this for sure.

We will meet again soon.

Looks like a great time. I haven’t played tennis in a while. Now that the summer is here and the weather is great I’ve been prioritizing disc golf. Such a shame we don’t have any good outdoor tennis courts in town.

No courts around your area? Wow! We have several around these parts. There is no variety in which type of court however. All we have is cement. I want to see what it’s like to play on grass and clay, I’m very curious. The only experience that I have with that would be from video games such as Topspin and Mario Tennis.

Yeah it's so weird that there's no courts. Closest one takes an hour or more to get to. I've only ever played on cement as well. Would be cool to try other textures.

What flow they both have, they are really beasts on the court. Well, the pictures make it look like it.
Your friend is very similar to Guillermo Vilas, it's amazing how much he looks like him :O

I am glad you are able to realize our dominance in the sport of tennis.

He may have a head like broccoli

This made me smile, haha.

I'm glad you got a kick out of that joke. For some reason broccoli was what I thought of when I saw his hair all crazy like that.

Well both of you certainly look the part, that is for sure. Bit hot there, is it?

When we enter our first tournament, we will surely be the best intimidators out there that day.
And yes indeed it was super hot, it was later in the evening, but still close to 90°F.

Haha damn that hype video was good. I haven't played Tennis since I was a kid but this post made me wanna go. Looks like you guys had a good day!

That video makes me want to go deeper on the idea, because it was kind of short.

We had never actually played tennis together. I never enjoyed that sport as a kid. Then when I finally gave it a try and learned to enjoy it, we never thought to go together. Now we both realize that it is a great activity to do with one another

We are lucky that when we hang out its always a great time. We can be doing the most simple of things and we will still find a way to laugh.

Hahaha, you are definitely having so much fun!
You are indeed destined to be tennis champs.


Nice sport time with your friend.. I hope you had a great time out there

We really did. I think we were both surprised how much fun tennis is together.

Wao! You haven't noticed the fun in it... Tennis is so much fun and lively to engage in