Let's talk about Game 2 of the 2021 NBA Finals

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Bucks 108 - Suns 118

Oddly enough, the score for Game 2 was nearly identical to Game 1. The Suns pulled out another win at home in Phoenix. The poor Milwaukee Bucks just cannot keep up with the supreme sharpshooting of the Suns. The way PHX moves the ball around is just impossible to keep up with. No matter how well the Bucks play defense one possession, the Suns come right back and continue with lightning-quick passes in the next possession. PHX totaled 26 AST in Game 2.


The Sun's stats looked incredible from beyond the arc last night too, with the team shooting 20/40 from 3 PT (that's 50%). Devin Booker shot 7-12 from 3 PT and racked up 31 PTS. Chris Paul went for 23 PTS and 8 AST. Mikal Bridges had 27 PTS and 7 REB. More boards were collected by Deandre Ayton with 11 REB and Jae Crowder with 10 REB.


The Bucks had quite the performance from their superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, who scored 42 PTS and had 12 REB. It was just not enough to compete with PHX. The MIL squad held strong for a bit, even during the 10 3 PT shots from PHX in the 1st quarter. It was however too much for the team to keep up all the way through the 4th.


With PHX now up 2-0, I look for them to very likely claim the next two games in MIL. The Suns have now won 4 games against the Bucks this season, counting the regular season. It seems to me like MIL just cannot defeat PHX.


What do you think? Will it be Suns in 4?

The Highlights

In case you want to watch the highlights without me talking over them, here you go:

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Did not realize the Suns put that many assists on the board, that's what happens when you have such a great point guard distributing in Chris Paul. I still don't believe Suns in 4, Giannis and the Bucks have too much talent to get swept. I wouldn't be shocked to see this come back to Phoenix level at 2-2. I am holding onto hope that it won't be a sweep, but the Suns do look like they are playing the better team basketball. Let's see what the supporting cast can bring to the table in game 3 for the Bucks.

The way the move the ball so quickly is so fun to watch. They swing it from one corner to the other in seconds. Paul is a big part of that of course, but the whole squad seems to be synced up together and know what needs to be done to find the open look.

I don’t want to believe the Suns in 4 either, mostly because the season will be over earlier if that’s the case. All signs keep saying Suns will not be beat though. Let’s hope the Bucks at least get one win at home, just so we don’t have the NBA cut off earlier than it could have been. It’s a long wait until next season begins.

The Suns are making the Bucks look like a team that doesn't deserve to be in the final ... We hope the Bucks wake up ...

These Suns seem unstoppable but I don't think the Bucks are easily beaten

I agree with you. The Bucks are a formidable opponent... The Suns however are literally ON FIRE 🔥☀️

As I said brother, these Suns from the hand of Chris Paul has a huge advantage, the guy has good experience. Hopefully they keep up the pace and don't let their guard down. My regards, brother

Chris Paul is even able to shake the lockdown defense of Jrue Holiday. CP3 is a legend at PG! I’m sure Booker is thrilled to not have to play PG all of the time now.

Totally agree with you my corduroy

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