How i arrived with sport in Italy !!

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Hi Basketball players, my name is Danil and i am from Estonia, this is my story how i arrived in Italy in Basketball team.

Today i will gonna tell you, my story how i arrived with basketball to Italy.
I was 14 years old basketball player, in one day my coach said to me, that if i want to go for tryout in Italy to play in basketball team! My coach was very good person a lot of his basketball players are playing now in Italy and other countries! After that words that he said to me i was calling my parents and my friends because its very big lucky that from another country team buy you!I was talking with parents about that, if i can go there for tryout it was very hard for me and my parents because, i will leave them and i will see them 2 times in on year! For tryout i went one Sicilian best basketball team TRAPANI PALLACANESTRO A2 . It was very good city there was very sunny and hot first my week there was very hard because training are more hard and climate is hotter than Estonian. After that week that i stay there team say to me that they want to do contract for 1 year with i was very happy because it arrive somewhere with my favorite sport 1 year that i stay there i got a lot of experience because i understand Italian culture now i know Italian languages because coaches are trying to basketball study languages when they are younger because, when you are young study languages faster i live in Apartment with other boys from other countries in the first day i was very scary because i didn't know no one and my English language wasn't like this good like now. after 1 month i went to Italian school for study Italian language it was very easy language because i know a lot of languages also before and when you know more you study faster. After 7 months i learned
all Italian language and i pass year in Italian school it was very hard but i did it!
In the summer all guys go back to home and my team sold my contract to other team this team where i play know its more good living Basketball professional player life !



Thank you that you read my story !!


Great to have you on @sportstalk and keep posting telling us about your basketball.

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