Bayern Munich beats Borussia Dortmund 3-2 and is at first position in the German league!

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Today I watched the best match the German league can offer. Bayern Munich, which is the best German team indisputably, and Borussia Dortmund, the second best and the only one who has been able to really challenge Bayern Munich in the past decade.

In the first half, the match had a good pace with both teams putting in a lot of effort. In Bayern, I love how players such as Gnabry and Goretzka impose themselves using their physical strength and speed. Lewandowski was able to score a goal that was disallowed because he was offside by a few centimeters and Muller, on the other hand, didn't have a good first half.

When it comes to Borussia, I am still amazed when seeing Haaland run like a maniac to find spaces from where he can shoot. Haaland is the stereotypical center striker and he has become a total superstar since last season. The guy is just 20 years old and scores tons of goals at top-level competitions. If it wasn't for the economic impact of the pandemic I am sure Haaland would have left Borussia for a better team. He will probably sing for another team soon though, but perhaps this will happen in 2022 rather than in 2021.

Borussia scored first with a good play from their left side of the pitch that finished with a horizontal pass into the penalty box, from which Reus did a good shot and in it went. It happened at the end of the first half so I was expecting the teams to go rest with this result, but at the last minute, there was a silly fault in front of Borussia's penalty box, and Alaba took that chance to score a good freekick goal. Bayern tends to destroy their rivals in important matches but up to that moment, everything was really even. It is clear Borussia knows how to compete against the giant from Germany.

The second half had more goals, both Haaland and Lewandowski scored 1 goal for their team, and Sane also scored another goal for Bayern in a perfect counterattack. It was when the match was 1-3 in favor of Bayern that Haaland easily handled a 1 vs 1 against Neuer and scored a tremendous goal. Lewa's goal, on the other hand, was a great header.

The second half was much more entertaining and Borussia was able to tie the match if it wasn't because of Reus wasting a great opportunity a few minutes after Haaland's goal. The entire match was even and I believe a fairer result would have been a tie. But Bayern was more efficient with their shots so they won the match.

Bayern is at first place in the German league, as usual, I would say that out of 10 leagues, Bayern Munich wins around 9 so it is no surprise to see them there. It was fun to see the Haaland beast having a good performance against a great time. This is the type of striker that would be great for a team such as Real Madrid.

Tomorrow, I am planning to watch 2 matches. The first one would be Liverpool vs Manchester City, and a few hours later Real Madrid vs Valencia. Talk to you soon!


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