Europa League semifinals are Man United vs Sevilla and Inter vs Shakhtar

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Europa League semifinals are Man United vs Sevilla and Inter vs Shakhtar


Today's match between Sevilla and Wolves wasn't as entertaining as yesterday's match between Inter and Leverkusen. Wolves finished in the seventh position in the Premier League which is the same position they had in the previous season.

They were able to participate in this year's Europa League thanks to Liverpool's victory in the previous Champions League. Therefore, as far as I understand, the only option Wolves have to participate in next's season Europa League is for Man City to win the Champions League.

Sevilla, on the other hand, finished in their usual position in the Spanish LEague, fourth place. They almost reached the third place but Atletico was able to remain as the third team but only thanks to goal differences with Sevilla. They both had the same points (66) this season. This guarantees Sevilla's participation in next's season Champions League.

In the match that I saw today, Sevilla vs Wolves, the first few minutes were under the control of the English team. They have an amazing player called Adama Traoré that is super fast and strong, and he managed to earn his team a penalty after an amazing individual run. Unfortunately for them, the striker Raúl Jimenez wasn't able to score the penalty, it was stopped by Sevilla's goalkeeper.

After the first 15-20 minutes and after the penalty, Sevilla became the dominant team. There is a stat that really shows the overwhelming dominance of Sevilla and it is the difference between the corner kicks of each team, Wolves had 0 and Sevilla had 14!

The goal was from a corner only that instead of throwing the ball directly at the area, the player first passed the ball to a teammate (Banega), and then they scored with a header. Sevilla was better but they obviously are a team that doesn't score too many goals. The match against Manchester United will be exciting for sure although I would bet there won't be many goals in that match.

The other semifinal is between Inter, which is the team with the highest chances of winning the tournament in my opinion, and Shakhtar, a very solid team that scored 4 goals in their quarter-final match.

The semifinals will start this Sunday. The next few days belong to Champions League quarter-finals! I am excited to watch Bayern Munich vs Barcelona on Friday, and I have a feeling Atalanta might beat PSG tomorrow ^^.


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