France and Portugal had a disappointing 0-0 tie.

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Today I was excited to watch this match between the current World champions and the current European champion but it ended up being a very boring and tiresome match. The best players in the pitch weren't CR7, Mbappe, or Griezmann but rather the defensive players such as Varane and Pepe.

Both teams played with excessive prevention and I am not sure why they didn't invest more energy into creating a fun match for the viewers, maybe the reason is that this tournament, UEFA Nations League, is the least important national tournament. So perhaps most players don't care too much about these matches and are rather focused on their clubs and next year on the UEFA European Championship, which is a very important tournament.

Mbappe didn't cause any danger, the same can be said about Griezmann and CR7 could have scored but his match was also a very bad one. Pogba looked more clumsy than usual and his aim was a bit off as well. His constant injuries have really reduced his performance.

I was surprised to see Pepe still playing for Portugal and doing so at a very good level despite the fact he is already 37 years old! He still looks fast, strong and he even scored a goal that was disallowed by the referee. If there was one thing I liked seeing in this match, it was to know Pepe is still a top-level defender.

There is little more to tell because there weren't too many interesting chances to score goals, the match was really that boring. I hope future matches are better because otherwise, this new European tournament isn't going to be worth watching anymore.