Hazard is back and Madrid destroys Huesca 4-1!

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After Real Madrid match against Borussia Mönchengladbach last Tuesday in which Hazard played for about 30 minutes, I noticed he was in better shape than I expected. Let's remember that match was the first one for Hazard this season and due to his injuries I was expecting to see him slower than normal and out of shape. But nothing could be further from the truth. Hazard played nicely and today Zidane rewarded him by including him in the lineup and leaving him on the pitch until the 60-minute mark, when he was replaced by Vinicius.

The first half wasn't very exciting up to the 40-minute mark where Hazard himself received the ball between the midfield and the penalty box, with a good waist move he got rid of the rival player who was near him, and with an excellent shot with his left foot, he scored an incredible goal. His dominant foot is the right one but he is so good that he can also make awesome shoots with his left foot.

The second goal came minutes later at the very end of the first half, Lucas Vazquez, who played as a right-back again due to the injuries of Carvajal, Odriozola, and Nacho, he gave an excellent cross to Benzema who controlled the ball with his chest and gave a good shoot with his left foot. 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the first half and the match was pretty much done at that point.

In the second half, Real Madrid felt much more confident in themselves, without the pressure and urgency to score goals they played more spontaneously and the third goal quickly arrives at the 54-minute mark. This time it was Valverde, who has 2 consecutive league matches scoring goals. In total, he has 3 league goals so far in this season and is the Real Madrid player with the most league goals tied with Benzema. Curiously, all of his goals have been assisted by Benzema as well.

Valverde is an all-powerful midfielder who is fast, strong, has a proper understanding of tactics, and has a powerful and efficient shot. He is a total warrior for Madrid's midfield and is awesome to see players like that giving their best.

Huesca's goal was thanks to Marcelo not complying with his defensive duties. He didn't cover a Huesca striker leaving all of that job to Ramos, who was unable to prevent the goal. Marcelo has been playing very bad for quite some time and I don't think this player can be recovered. He is usually on the bench because Mendy is the main left-back but when Marcelo plays he usually commits mistakes and makes it harder for his team to win. This is sad because Marcelo is a historic player for Real Madrid but thanks to his age he can no longer provide the same performance as before.

I don't even remember when was the last time Real Madrid scored 4 goals in 1 match, since CR7 left the team it is very unusual for this team to score more than 2 goals. I think the fragility in Huesca's defensive players and Hazard's awesome goal facilitated this comfortable victory.

This result will certainly help with the team's morale now that they will have a very difficult and important match against Inter in the Champions League. Real Madrid is currently in the first position in the Spanish league, although Atletico de Madrid has 1 game less than them and if Atletico wins that remaining game they would be the ones in the first position, but what is clear is that Real Madrid has been very competitive so far in that tournament.

In the Champions League, on the other hand, Real Madrid is having issues. They have played 2 matches and won none. They have 1 defeat and 1 tie. They are pretty much obliged to defeat Inter next Tuesday if they want to continue in the tournament. We will see what happens then.


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