Let's discuss about the best backheel assisted goals in football

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In today's match with Real Madrid, Benzema made a crazy play with a backheel pass that ended with an amazing goal from Casemiro. I will share previous amazing backheel assists from Real Madrid players because those are the ones I can more easily recall.

The backheel was on the same level as others previously done by Guti or Ozil.

This is the video showing the pass and the goal:

One of most genius level passes from Guti is this one, an amazing backheel assist that totally defeats the defense line from the rival team. Zidane was the lucky player who received this pass and scored an amazing goal:

This is a crazy backheel assist from Guti to Benzema, clearly a genius play by the talented Guti:

This is Ozil's backheel assist for Benzema from the beginning of this decade, it is similar to the one from Guti.

Do you know about other amazing backheel assists? From the ones included in the post, which one is your favorite, and why?


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Great topic! I think this one from Henry would have to be up there



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