Liverpool earns a tough victory against Tottenham!

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Today I decided to watch the match between the best 2 teams of the Premier League so far, Liverpool and Tottenham. These are the same teams who played the Champions League final in 2019, the following year Tottenham's performance suffered greatly but this season it seems they are back in top shape, they were in the first position in the Premier League just before this defeat against Liverpool.

I wasn't expecting to see such a defensive Tottenham to be honest, I know Mourinho likes to play very defensively and to produce awesome counter-attacks, but Liverpool sometimes does the same, so I wasn't sure what strategy these 2 coaches would end up using. Klopp and Mourinho are two of the best coaches out there which made this match even more interesting.

It has been a while since the last time I saw a game with Mourinho and he has aged a bit. I didn't see him as energetic as in his younger days but he is still doing a great job at Tottenham. After this defeat, the team is in the second position and ironically they are also the team with the best goal difference, I say ironically because Mourinho's teams spend most of the time defending and not attacking.

Liverpool is the new leader of the league, they have been the best British team for the past 2 seasons and in this one, they are the favorites to win the league and one of the favorites to win the Champions League again. This team has been suffering from a plague of injuries affecting several important players, the main one being their best defensive player Virgil van Dijk. This has surely prevented the team from achieving their top collective performance, but despite this problem, they are still in the number one position and they have just beaten their main competitor.

The first goal of the match happened out of luck, Salah received the ball at the border of the penalty box, he shoots and the ball touches 2 defensive players, makes a strange curve, and ends up going inside the net after hitting the post. It was a lucky goal but it was well deserved because Liverpool was the team showing the more initiative and the more attempts at scoring.

That first goal happened at the 26-minute mark. Around 5 minutes later, Tottenham has a super-fast counter-attack typical of Mourinho's team, and Son scores an excellent goal after a good definition in the 1 vs 1 against Liverpool's goalkeeper. The performance from Tottenham's 2 attacking main players has been a surprise for me. I knew Kane and Son were excellent players but seeing one of them as the top scorer of the league and the other one as the top assistant is surprising. Maybe the presence of Bale on the bench is an extra incentive for these attacking players to really give their best on the pitch.

After this goal, the match continued pretty much the same. With Liverpool taking on the initiative and Tottenham waiting for a good opportunity to counter-attack. It was after another electric counter-attack that Tottenham almost scored their second goal but it hit the post. Once they missed that chance I think that best the last one for them, they would either tie the match or lose it. Well, at the 91-minute mark after a corner kick, Firmino appeared with a tremendous header and gave the victory to Liverpool.

Liverpool honestly deserved the victory, they caused more danger, had more shots, and their overall initiative to try and score goals was much greater. Liverpool was much better than Tottenham and if it wasn't for those electric counter-attacks then Tottenham's match would have been really horrible.

Despite this defeat, I think that Mourinho has been doing a good job in Tottenham. Let's not forget this is a humble team with less economic resources than Liverpool, Man City, Man United, and Chelsea. So achieving position number 2 is not bad for the team.

I know it is still early but I think Liverpool will win the league again. They are in a well-deserving first position despite their injuries and the team should improve their performance in the coming months as the injured players return. I don't think Tottenham can win the league because they have a smaller squad with secondary players that aren't as good. Manchester City, on the other hand, has been suffering from chronic low performance and I don't see them recovering fast enough to take the first position from Liverpool. Finally, Chelsea and Man United are too irregular to win in the end.

Do you think there is a team capable of taking the first position from Liverpool? Let me know in the comments below.