Real Madrid beats Inter 3-2 in their first Champions League victory of this season!

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After 3 matches Real Madrid has finally won a Champions League match. Real Madrid has played against Shakhtar Donetsk and Borussia Monchengladbach, they lost one and tied the other one. It was in the first match against Inter that Real Madrid was able to defeat their rival.

Inter was supposed to be the strongest rival for Real Madrid in this group, and so far, after 3 matches, Inter is in the fourth position. There are still 3 more matches to play so this doesn't mean Inter will end up being the worst of the group but they are in a very tough position.

Real Madrid started the match very comfortably. Benzema scored the first goal after a horrible defensive mistake from Inter which allowed him to easily dribble the goalkeeper and score the goal with no rivals near. This happened at the 25-minute mark, 8 minutes later, Sergio Ramos scored with an awesome header after an excellent corner kick from Kross. 2-0 in around 30 minutes was better than most Madrid fans expected. But this didn't last much. 2 minutes after Ramos's goal Inter made an awesome attacking play and Martinez scored a tremendous goal after receiving a backheel pass from Barella.

This goal prevented Real Madrid from feeling too comfortable and made them realize that Inter could easily tie the match if they managed to have a good attacking combination. After Inter's first goal, the match remained intense, but both teams played much more carefully than before. In the middle of the second half and a few minutes after Vinicius and Rodrygo entered the pitch in exchange for Hazard and Asensio, Perisic scored a good goal after Real Madrid moved their defensive line a few meters forward, and surprisingly, they tied the match after being 2 goals under.

It looked as if Real Madrid was cursed and unable to win a single Champions League match. This is the moment when the new generation of Real Madrid players, Valverde, Vinicius, and Rodrygo, had an awesome attacking combination that ended up with a great goal from Rodrygo. The goal started in the midfield when Valverde used his high speed to move forward and then give a great pass to the open space to allow Vinicius to run from it and reach the penalty box. Vinicius then made a good pass that reached Rodrygo, who gave a perfect control of the ball and then a powerful shot with his right foot.

That was Rodrygo's first goal this season and it was spectacular. The play was fast and electric, which could only have been possible with these young players and their superior speed. In the end, Madrid scored 1 goal thanks to a defensive mistake from Inter, 1 header after a corner kick, and one electric play thanks to its young players. Inter, on the other hand, scored 1 goal thanks to an amazing backheel pass from Barella, and then a good goal taking advantage of Madrid moving its defensive line forward and having Lucas Vazquez who is not a defender trying to stop the shot.

It was a good match for Madrid and the team is still enjoying the positive dynamic after winning "El Clasico" against Barcelona. Their next match will be this Sunday against Valencia in the Spanish league, and then there will be 2 weeks of national matches.