Real Madrid suffers a depressing match and loses 0-1 against Cadiz!

Today I was only able to watch the match between Real Madrid and Cadiz and Madrid's performance was even worst than what I was expecting. The second I saw the 11 players chosen by Zidane to begin this match I already knew the team was going to have a weak match.

The reason was simple, players such as Isco, Marcelo, Lucas Vazquez have suffered a worrying decrease in their competitive level and currently, they aren't good enough to play for Real Madrid. Besides that, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Kross, and Modric just had very busy weeks with their national teams and have a lot of accumulated fatigue, and if all of this wasn't enough, Casemiro, the only defensive midfielder in the team, began the match in the bench, not on the pitch. So yes, I was expecting to see a weak Real Madrid but not the grotesque performance that I saw in the first half!

Before the 2 minute mark, Cadiz almost scored a goal and it was Sergio Ramos with a heroic save who prevented the goal. Real Madrid was slow and with little to no creativity. In the first 15 minutes, Courtois saved the team 3 times. Real Madrid's defense was totally distracted and had no clue how to stop Cadiz's attacks. What is even worse, the team was unable to cause any danger to Cadiz's goalkeeper.

Marcelo was horrible in defense and Cadiz's goal came from his side. He was nowhere to be seen and Sergio Ramos was unable to prevent the striker from scoring the goal. I think both Ramos and Varane could have done a better job stopping that play, but the fact Marcelo was nowhere near the defensive line is very criticizable. It gets clearer and clearer that this team needs to get rid of several important players and Marcelo is one of them. He no longer provides the performance needed to play for Real Madrid. Isco is another player who should also leave the team as soon as possible.

The reason why so many low-level players participated in this match was that in the past 2 weeks the national teams had several matches and Zidane decided to give some rest to some of the players who returned from playing with their national teams. This is why Casemiro and Valverde started the match on the bench and the reason why Mendy didn't even participate. Isco, Marcelo, and Lucas Vazquez weren't included in their national teams so they were fresh and rested for today's match.

I was expecting to see more and better-attacking plays from Vinicius and also a more focused Benzema with a lot of good passes and good shots. Both of them tried to score but none of those shots were successful.

Real Madrid first half was so horrible, that for the second half Zidane made 4 changes including the 3 low-level players I mentioned before. With these changes, the team was a little bit better in the second half but they were still very disappointing. They were unable to score a single goal and I am afraid this problem will continue until Real Madrid hires a top-level striker such as Mbappe or Haaland.

The only thing that keeps this Real Madrid alive in the Spanish league is that Barcelona appears to be equally bad or perhaps even worst. In today's match with Barcelona, they lost against Getafe and their disappointment must be similar. I didn't watch that match so this is why I can't comment on anything on it except mentioning its result.

It is clear the Spanish teams are going through rough times and if the stadiums remain closed due to the coronavirus then it would be extremely difficult for these teams to hire new top-level players.

The next matches I plan to watch are PSG vs Manchester United next Tuesday, and on Wednesday I plan to watch Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk and Atletico de Madrid vs Bayern Munich.