Vinicius causes a Sevilla's own goal and Real Madrid wins 0-1

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Yesterday I watched the match between Sevilla and Real Madrid. I was excited by Real Madrid lineup only thanks to the presence of the 2 Brazilian wings, Vinicius and Rodrygo. I wanted to see these 2 players because Asensio's performance has been extremely poor from the beginning of the season, and the 2 Brazilians have at least scored goals and some assists, Asensio has 0 goals and 0 assists so far.

The rest of Real Madrid's lineup was expected, with Casemiro, Kross, and Modric in the midfield, and Vazquez as the right-back due to Carvajal's injury. The remaining players were the typical ones in their positions.

In the first minutes, Real Madrid had several opportunities to score a goal thanks to Vinicius, who was the best player in the match in my opinion. He is a very fast and electric player who can cause danger at any given moment. His problem is that sometimes he makes bad decisions when it is time to score the goal or give the final pass. However, the ease with which he arrives at the rival's penalty box and produces goal opportunities is astounding.

For the entire match, Real Madrid played better than Sevilla and they clearly deserved the win even though it was the result of an own goal. This was an important test for Real Madrid because they have been obtaining very disappointing results in their last matches, and it was urgent for the team to start winning again. Sevilla is an excellent team that last season won the Europa League and right now is in position #6 in the Spanish league but they have just played 10 matches, unlike most teams that have already played 11 or 12 matches.

Regarding the performance of Real Madrid's players, I wasn't happy with Benzema's. His movements are very different from the type of movement a striker should be doing. He moves in the same way he moved when CR7 and Bale were in the team which doesn't make sense because the current wings don't score many goals. Real Madrid needs a striker that is willing to finish the plays and score the goals, not one that tries to help the wings score goals like Benzema does most of the time. This is the reason why I think Real Madrid should do everything it can to hire Haaland. That striker will probably be one of the best, if not the best striker of this decade and he should be perfectly compatible with Real Madrid young wings and other players such as Odegaard, which by the way, is from the same country as Haaland, Norway.

As I mentioned before, the only goal in the match was an own goal from Sevilla's goalkeeper and it resulted from a good combination involving Benzema, who gave a good pass to Mendy, and then Mendy crossed the ball into the area to Vinicius, who slightly touched the ball and then it bounced in the goalkeeper and it went in. It was an ugly goal but sufficient enough to win the match and earn the 3 points. The defense and the midfield had a correct match with no big mistakes. The goalkeeper, Courtois, had several good saves including 2 bicycle shots that would have been amazing goals.

Besides Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona also played their matches yesterday. Atletico obtained another victory and this proves once again they are the most solid Spanish team of this season so far. They won 2-0 against Valladolid. Next weekend we will see the first match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid and it will surely be one of the best matches football has to offer. Barcelona, on the other hand, lost their match against Cadiz. This smaller team, Cadiz, also beat Real Madrid in the match against them so I guess they could be considered a sort of killer of giants.

The next matches I will watch will be from the Champions League in a few days!


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