Who will win the European Golden Boot/Shoe?

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After CR7 scored 2 goals in Juventus last match, he is clearly on the run for the Golden Boot. So far he has 30 goals scored and the European striker with the most goals is Lewandowski with 34 goals. Cristiano however, still has 4 matches to try and score more goals while Lewa already finished the German league in the first place as always.

Messi finished his league season with 25 goals which are very little for him but this was clearly an atypical year for the entire Barcelona.

Another important contender is Immobile, a striker who plays in the Italian league just as CR7. Although in the last few matches he hasn't scored many goals and CR7 is currently tied with him even though Immobile had many more goals when the quarantine started a few months back.

I think there are only 2 favorite strikers for the 2020 Golden Boot, Lewandowski who is the current player with the most goals in the European league and probably the one with the highest probabilities of winning the trophy, and CR7 who will surely give his best in the remaining 4 matches to try to at least tie with Lewa and share the trophy with him.

The remaining Juventus matches will be exciting only because of this, to see if CR7 is capable of winning a Golden Boot being 35 years old! That would be crazy!

In your opinion, who will win the European Golden Boot/Shoe?


Con la Liga ya casi Asegurada, el Jugador de la Juventus tiene las opciones súper más claras. Sin duda alguna Cristiano se llevará la Bota de Oro, es más quiere hacerlo.

Sí, pero tiene que hacer 5 goles en 4 partidos. Si empatan la bota de oro es para Lewa. No sería compartida porque ahora se toma en cuenta la cantidad de minutos jugados y CR7 terminaría la temporada con más minutos. CR7 es una bestia competitiva, pero quizás este año sea el de Lewandowski.