FA Cup Chelsea vs Manchester United | Can United afford to lose to Chelsea?

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Solskjaer has a massive decision on his hands this weekend.

Does he prioritize Champions League placement or go full strength against Chelsea in the FA Cup Semi-Final?

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It is plain for me:

Champions League qualification has to be the main prize in our pursuit of attracting better players in the coming transfer window.

The draw against Southampton and win against Crystal Palace had one thing in common:

The players were incredibly tired and you could see concentration lacking from their misplaced passes - especially Bruno Fernandes.

This is the deal:

Manchester United cannot win their last two games in the Premier League without Bruno Fernandes in the starting 11. We simply can't.

The quality he brings and the leadership in the attacking third are just too important to lose to an injury due to fatigue.

What about the FA Cup Semi-Final?

Manchester United have beaten Chelsea three times this season and we should make it four this time around.

The difference is that we should try and do that with a second-string side.

Unfortunately, the second string is not good enough.

Lingard, Perreira, Dalot, and Juan Mata are some of the players I can name from the top of my head who are not good enough to win this match.

It has to be a mix.

To offer any form of resistance and to give us a chance of taking something from this game, this is the team I think should start.


Pogba is probably the only player I would keep in the midfield to at least maintain some semblance of quality and creativity in the middle of the park.

James will be particularly useful on the counter while Ighalo holds the ball up the pitch to alleviate pressure.

Chong is my surprise entry into the starting 11.

He signed a new contract very recently and he was integrated into the first-team squad to provide support from the bench

He is not the strongest of players but what he does is provide speed and trickery which can be useful in counter-attacks.


That is what we have to do to win this game. We don't have anywhere near enough quality to compete with Chelsea playing entertaining football.

Either way, I don't care if we lose this game and I believe most fans think the same too.

The caveat to that is that we win our two remaining Premier League games to get into top 4 or else all this will have been for nothing.

I am hoping for the best.


Doubt he'll take it easy on Chelsea. Losing out on this one means you lose your chance of silverware. The UCL position is still fair game for both teams. The big winners will be Leicester

I worried he might field the same team. However, the fact that Ighalo did not come on tells me one of the forward men will be rested.

We still have Europa League in August which in my opinion is the easier competition to win. Chelsea will definitely take it seriously and I am hoping that will leave them ill equipped to play Liverpool. It is the hope that kills you bro!

Lol at least you have something to hope for. We beat Liverpool and up until now, I'm still shocked. I would have preferred if Liverpool wiped the floor with us and we used that performance on City. I know Arsenal, and one thing that is certain is that we won't be doing back to back victories against serious teams 😭

🤣🤣🤣 I hope you beat them though. Those cheating bastards do not deserve to win anotger trophy this season. Simple as that!!

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Man I hate that I know they're going to put three unreplied goals past our goalkeeper. It will be an anomaly if they don't

Congratulations bro... Fucck those oil money boys.

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Yeah, there are a lot of tired legs out there now but United are on a role and when players are winning games they can find that bit extra.

Of course it’d be easier if Spurs did you a favour and beat Leicester


I am on my knees!! Jose mourinho masterclass is all I am asking. I want the starting 11 to be rested regardless of the form at the moment because hamstrings and other muscular injuries will be the order of the day.

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