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RE: Premier League 2020-21 Prediction and Odds

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That is overly optimistic about Chelsea. 😅
They may have brought in Pulisic, Ziyech, Werner and potentially Havertz but three of those signings lack premier league experience.
If they don't sign any defensive reinforcements they will struggle to stay in top 4.
I predict them to come 4th and United 3rd again but on a better points tally.
As for Spurs, 5th looks just about right. 😅

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Haha fair enough. This blog was originally written for a site where I earn via affiliate links to bookies so it pays for me to be a bit more positive!

I agree that defence is the big weakness for Chelsea. You only need to look at the FA Cup final where Arsenal beat them by simply knocking long balls over the top and Chelsea couldn’t cope!


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