Without Aubameyang | Arsenal are relegation candidates when Aubameyang misfires.

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It is all going wrong at and away from the Emirates for the Gunners who have lost 8 games so far this season in 14 games. In those matches, they have only managed to pick up 14 points, averaging a point a game.

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Arsenal are suffering relegation form.

This is horrific considering the manager, Mikel Arteta, managed to pick up an FA cup and Community Shield earlier this year against a strong Manchester City and Liverpool with arguably the same squad.

Interestingly though, there was a lot said last season about how poor Arsenal was, and the fact that they relied heavily on Aubameyang's goals to bail them out.

It is possible that obscured Arteta's frailties as a manager early on.

Where Arsenal would have finished without Aubameyang's goals last season.

I know fans would probably think this is a dumb thing to talk about because Aubameyang plays for Arsenal. Of course he is meant to contribute to Arsenal's points tally.

However, in a situation where a player is scoring 39.2% of the team's goals, you have to question if that player was unavailable through injury or for some other reason, who would pick up the slack?

In the 2019/2020 season, Aubameyang scored 22 goals out of a total of 56. Those 22 goals earned Arsenal 19 points.

So, if you took 19 points out of the final tally of 56 points, Arsenal would have finished on 37 points in the 16th position. That is incredible considering they are hanging around that position this season.


It should therefore not come as a surprise, that in a season where Aubameyang is struggling for goals (3 out of 12) they are equally struggling to put up points on the board.

Nobody else is stepping up.


Looking at Arsenal's fixture schedule till the end of the year, you have Manchester City in the Carabao Cup, Chelsea, and then Brighton in the League.

You look at that schedule and the only team you would expect Arsenal to pick up a point is at Brighton, and even that won't be easy considering they have lost against them in recent games.

With Aubameyang currently out with a calf muscle strain for an undefined period of time, the rest of the players have to step up to the plate.

You can't have players like Willian and Pepe coasting through the game and being carried by the young Saka. He shouldn't have to carry that pressure on his young shoulders.

Arteta also needs to look at himself. He has made so many poor choices, ostracizing popular players and failing to register others to play in the Premier League, let alone the Europa League.

What happens now comes down to how much the board are willing to stomach and whether Arteta gets the funds to bring in a creative player in January if Ozil is still out of favor.

I wonder, how many players even want to come into this cesspool at the moment in January? There is so much downside. They only upside I could think about is more money.

That is the last thing Arsenal would want. More mercenaries like Willian.