DFA News 📰; A New Football Field

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For some months, we have been struggling to find a local big pitch so that the boys can master how to play on it and invite football teams to play with. Finally, we are glad that we found one.

Last week Tuesday, we went to train for the first time on the field and the boys were ecstatic about training there. We saw their lapses since they've not been training in a big field for some time now, but we shall work and improve them on that eventually.

We have not fixed a specific training day because we still need to talk to the other team that trains on the field to be given a day in a week for our training though we've already discussed with two teams who use the field for training and matches. Right now only Sunday is fixed and since we practice four times a week, we are looking forward to being training two days of the week on the big field and the other two days on the small field.

The team is thrilled about the new field. We will be able to do the drills we cannot do with a small field, and the boys will improve in their strengths.

On Tuesday, the team trained offensive and defensive tactics. The last two photos are not bright because they were taken lately. Today is another training day! Have a nice weekend!


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COngratulations. Soon, you'll be able to secure a permanent home stadium for the boys with a good turf for play. Great work!

Thanks for the beautiful wishes and encomium 💚

that looks good

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Could you please stop spamming my content!