Steve Smith says, India vs Australia day 5 will be about bowling in good areas

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"India vs Australia day 5 will be about bowling in good areas".

India vs Australia day 5 will be about bowling in good areas


Steve Smith puts himself ahead in the series-deciding Test. According to Steve Smith, if the ball is thrown in the right place tomorrow, it will work. Steve Smith made the remarks at a news conference after today's game.

Steve Smith said as far as I think the match is heavy on us, although the wicket was a little different today. So our main task today was to put the ball in the right place, and the rest of the work will be done on the fifth day of tomorrow.

So Steve Smith says we hope we can take advantage of the opportunities that come our way tomorrow. Rain is also forecast in Brisbane, Australia, where the sky is overcast. "We're a little upset about this, there's nothing to do when it rains, but we have to look at what we have," said Steve Smith.

So Steve Smith advised the bowlers to be patient and throw the ball in the right place. The reason is that if this type of wicket is tested more, it will sink to the last.




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