Opening some cards. First video of my life!

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Opening some 2002 upper deck golf cards. 1 Phil Mickelson

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Fantastic video bro!! So cool to see 2002 era cards. Those cards have been in the package untouched till 2020. I forgot about a lot of those pro golfers, so trippy and nostalgic. Keep it up man, maybe one day I will do a video like this too!

I need to do better video set up. But still cool to pull a Phil.

I couldn’t post it to our community from 3 speak. Maybe it’s not old enough yet....?

I believe that the community you want to post in should be the first tag or something like that. I'm also not sure if you can post in multiple communities. Maybe you or I can cross-post into the community but I'm also unsure if that works fully or what that totally entails. I've never crossposted. Sorry bro! But I appreciate the shout out and stuff! Great video

We will figure it all out eventually. Good to learn all this though.