Inviting Sportians to join #dsocial :)

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Hello Sportians! How are you?
Hop3 You all are fine and having Good time on the platform.

I would like to invite you all to join a newly launched tribe for Quality Content Creators. You can use #dsocial in your tags to earn extra rewards on your post. The rewards are DSL Tokens which are available on Hive and Steem both engine.

unnamed (1).png


The Aim of the tribe is to deliver Good content to others. We welcome everyone with every type of content but strictly don't allow Poor Quality, Plagiarism, Copy-Paste or NSFW content on the platform.

Reward Distribution

Tribe allow everyone to earn rewards of DSL tokens by creating and curating content or by delegating Steem/Hive power to @d-social.
We've set low token supply distribution with Payout Distribution of 45% author reward, 45% curator reward and 10% will be burn.

Delegation Reward

Delegate your Steem/Hive Power to @d-social to earn daily DSL Tokens payout. We will reward every 100 SP/HP delegation with 1 DSL Token. All of the payouts will be transfer weekly because it manual at the time.
The procedure is simple:

  • 100 HP/SP = 1 DSL Token Daily / Weekly 7 DSL Tokens
  • 1000 HP/SP = 10 DSL Tokens Daily / Weekly 70 Tokens

Token Distribution

DSL tokens are available on both Hive-Engine & Steem-Engine. DSL Steem Engine Tokens are main tokens for tribe and DSL Tokens on Hive Engine are Shadow Tokens. Tokens can be purchase on both Steem or Hive Engine.
If you buy DSL on Hive-Engine you can swap them on Steem-Engine by sending DSL Tokens to @d-social with memo of your Steem-Engine account name. You will get equal amount of tokens in your Steem-Engine/Tribe that you've send to @d-social on Hive-Engine.
Same procedure can be apply for swap DSL from Steem-Engine to Hive-Engine.

Token Sale

Token Sale has been started on both HIVE & STEEM Engine.
Steem-Engine =
Hive-Engine =

We've set a 1M Token Sale on both Engine.
500k DSL will be sell in Steem.
500k DSL will be sell in Hive.

  • First 100k DSL will be sell at the price of 0.05 Steem/Hive
  • Second 100k DSL will be sell at the price of 0.1 Steem/Hive
  • Third 100k DSL will be sell at the price of 0.2 Steem/Hive
  • Forth 100k DSL will be sell at the price of 0.3 Steem/Hive
  • Fifth 100k DSL will be sell at the price of 0.4 Steem/Hive


  • is a tribe to Deliver Good Content to Others.
  • Token Distribution has been Set on Low Token Supply.
  • 45% Auther Reward , 45% Curator Reward and 10% Burn Reward.
  • DSL Tokens can be swap from Steem-Engine to Hive-Engine or From Hive-Engine to Steem-Engine by sending to @d-social.
  • Miner Token will be launch soon.


For More Details Please Join Us on Discord


i have a question, how we can login to if i am hive writer , or use to login to , i think here is only option that we can use steemit login that we can use also hive user name to login this or not

The Tribe is on Steemit at the moment and will upgrade it to Hive soon. You can join us by using steem keychain or your steem account.

then how you dsocial tag will work to reward for hive tag user

Till the upgrade of d-social there are no direct rewards you can convert your DSL Tokens from STEEM ENGINE to Hive Engine.