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RE: FunFIt Montage of Dany training

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I wasn't impressed until you did the handstand... That's dope!


Thank you! Handstand always impress. It has complex learning curve. Actually it took 2 years for a solid few minutes handstand and 10 years to go from 150 to 250 kg deadlift.

The deadlift is also impressive what's your weight and height? I do calisthenics, lots of body weight exercises so I'm familiar with the handstand and shadow boxing daily.

Calisthenics is cool! When training active I am 80 kg @ 171
But lately the pandemic and my design and art passion made me gain several kilos.

Damn son! 80Kg for 1,71cm very impressive! I am 87kg for 1,75, and already I struggle to jog because of the muscle I packed.

I am sure it's the same for you, as shown in the video you do HIIT? It helps a lot maintaining low percentage body fat.

Like I do 1 hour of burpees in HIIT, for example: 1 minute burpees, 30 second rest, for an entire hour (which makes it 45 minutes burpees and 15 minutes rest all together).

But lately the pandemic and my design and art passion made me gain several kilos.

Lol yeah the same haha, and alcohol also...

Haha alcohol too yes!
About running it depends how much I run I had a period when I ran every day 5-21 km, while weightlifting and I succeeded in running full 41 km marathon. Then I stopped and for a half a year I hardly run 5 km now. It all depends from what you do regularly. I am changing my focus a lot, sometimes HIIT, sometimes acrobatics, sometimes strictly bodybuilding or powerlifting, but body fat mostly depends on my appetite 😁

Jeez bro 21km it's hardcore, I walk after 1 😆