NCAA Men's Basketball: Championship Week

Forget the economic meltdown and coronavirus for a moment. Those two things have occupied the headlines, and rightfully so, for a bit too long for my liking. Let's not get started with the recent drama on the chain. Onto happier thoughts we go!

         It's March! What about Pi Day? How about March Madness? I didn't even watch college basketball at all this season due to my busy schedule. But, those things are coming up. In fact, it's Championship Week for Men's College Basketball here in the USA.

         As I have said before, I am a fan to both Villanova and BYU. The former being what I grown up with. The latter being my alma mater.

         Consider Mark Pope had only become the head coach for BYU this season, I didn't think BYU would do very well. This, of course, is despite of him having worked with the Cougars in the past. I'm glad he proved me wrong. Now, I felt kind of bad that I didn't watch the games until I saw the newspaper declaring BYU's victory of Gonzaga.


         It's been a while since BYU has been in the rankings. With some determination and luck, they might be able to reach Sweet Sixteen this year. That is, if that St. Mary's loss won't bar them from playing (I doubt it). Pope must be doing something right with the players he has.

basketball 2.PNG

         Let's take a look at my home conference: Big East. They look stacked this year. That's somewhat nerve wrecking. Why? Because they could be over-hyped. I would hate to see them lose within the first two rounds.

         At number 11, Villanova will most likely be a third seed in the tournament. Unless, they manage to snag the Big East title. It's hard to gauge how they'd perform since I haven't seen anything beyond stats this season.

         But here's the thing: the Wildcats have won the championship as low as an 8th seed (1985). Then again, their opponent was an in-conference rival, Georgetown. They lost to the Hoyas both times in the regular season to foil them in the championship game of the Tournament.

         Point being, I am more nervous when Villanova has a high seed. They tend to disappoint when that happens. Fortunate for me, Wildcats already won 2 NCAA titles in the last five years. So, whatever good they'll do is icing on the cake.

         Selection Sunday is coming up. It'll be fun to fill out a bracket again. For many Americans, it is a fun pastime. Even my department at work fill out brackets for fun so we could compete with each other.

         Times are tough, but you have to let loose or you will become drained before you know it. If everything comes tumbling down, I'd rather have some moments of solace than anguish. So, try to enjoy life a bit more.


Lets get a Steem Bracket challenge going.

Just for fun or as a sponsored event?

Either way, it could be fun.

We could have each person put in 5 Steem to join or something like that and winner takes all. Or whatever people are up for. Use one of the bracket challenges on a third party site like Yahoo or something. I tried doing same thing last year and ended up putting in 5 Steem by myself to the winner but if we can get each person to put in some Steem the prize pool would be bigger.

I do like that idea.

I personally like to use ESPN, but that may not be everyone's cup of tea.

I have no preference on the site we can do ESPN. Lets see if we could get more people to join. You want to create a bracket group on ESPN and make a post to see if we have more people that will join us. I am in for sure. I will resteem your post to see any of my followers are interested in playing also.

I'll get on that when I get home from work some time in the next 12 hours.

Sounds good.

Should I create the bracket group for us on ESPN?

Sure thing.

Nah, I have been following the top 25 all season on my Sports Talk Social blog (@bozz.sports). The Big East is legit. There are a ton of teams in that conference that had some huge upset victories over ranked teams this year. I would not be shocked to see any one of them that makes it bust some brackets. They are going to be as much of a wild card this year as some of the Big 10 teams. It is going to be a wild ride this March. I have never seen such a level road so deep into the bracket for so many teams and we don't even know what the bracket is going to look like yet!

I love the Big East!

I always make sure I fill out a bracket with complete Big East dominance for fun. Of course, it never became real.

I'm ready to make a laughable bracket this year that will go bust by end of round 1.

I have a feeling I am going to make three brackets this year. One will be my "as close to accurate as I think it will be bracket" one that is my "long shot bracket" and then one where I just flip a coin for each of the match-ups. Watch, the coin flip will be the one that wins!

I think I did the "mascot fight" approach one year and it worked out pretty well. lol

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