Flames training camp to open

in Sports Talk Social4 months ago

The Calgary Flames training camp will open July 10 with the playoffs date

yet to be set.

How long the training camp will last is still an open question.

The Flames along with the 23 other teams will start there training camps

on the same day.

In other Calgary Flames news: Mark Giordano has been nominated for the

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for details you can go here


That is it for the day July 10 seems so far away even though it is not


Training camp opens damn when do they start playing?
I know I live in a time zone ahead of most of the world but to think that by the time you get to a training camp we have had full contact sport for 2 months.
I am that far ahead? It is starting to look that way.

It is stupid for sure they are allowing only 6 players on the ice at a time for now, and they have to stay away from each other which makes no sense what so ever as hockey is a contact sport. Then no fans for the playoffs just crazy

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