NHL draft day Where the Flames stand and more

The Calgary Flames are set for the NHL draft which starts today.

Coverage start on Sports Net at 5 p.m. mountain time 7 p.m. eastern

FLAMES 2020 DRAFT SELECTIONS may be seen here :


2020 NHL Draft Tracker on sports net may be seen here:


This is the first time the draft will be held online so it could add some interesting

happenings along the way.

Rounds 2 to 7 go Wednesday morning 9:30 a.m. mountain time 11:30 a.m. eastern

Enjoy the draft one and all.


I have convinced myself that I am going to start watching hockey. I live in Indiana USA so guess I would follow the BlackHawks in Chicago. Not sure if there are any other teams close. I believe the Blues used to be in St. Louis, but heard they moved.

The Blues are in St. Louis unless they have moved in the last few days (lol) Black Hawks are also a good team. Hockey is a great sport for sure.

Oh ok, I thought I heard something about them having moved. Maybe I am thinking of the Rams football team.

Looks like I'm a Blues fan now. :-)

Great to hear

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