It's game day as the Calgary Flames take on

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The Calgary Flames are back in action tonight when they take on

The Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto tonight a 5 p.m. mountain time

7 p.m. eastern time

For the Flames projected line up you may go here:

The game may be seen on sports net west, and TVAS and may be heard in the

Calgary area on sports net the fan 960.

After tonight's game The Flames are back in action Wednesday night against

the same Toronto Maple Leafs.

Enjoy the game all


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I still need to pick up a Blackhawks game sometime.

have not seen a blackhawks game this year with the new format either

I have never been someone who watches hockey much. I somewhat understand the sport and the rules, but never watched the game much at all. I have become disillusioned with most other professional sports though, so looking to pick something up to fill the gap. Been thinking about hockey for a while now, specifically the Balckhawks since they seem to be the closest team.

Hockey is a lot of fun as you never know what is going to happen.