Josip Iličić - Perfect 10

SofaScore is my favorite app for following sports events, including football and the Italian league.

One of the features is the automatic scoring of football players. In the last round, Josip Iličić of Atalanta Bergamasca got a perfect score of 10.

After his long absence for personal reasons, Josip is back with his constantly great performances.

Against Benevento, he was involved in almost every fruitful action. Besides scoring once, one assist, one goal from a rebound off his strike he hit the post once too.


More important, he is a motor and a soul of Atalanta's game. I hope he'll stay healthy and continue in this fashion.

Enjoy the video from the match in question, provided by the official Atalanta YouTube channel. and the official Serie A match report.

Better and better


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