Sports Talk Social Is On Hive

Is it? This post is a test. I assume I would be able to publish it on Hive blockchain.

I have already logged in with the Hive Keychain, which is a good sign, and started a power down on my alter ego account @ervin-lemark.spo. There, the SPORTS token were airdropped from the balance that I've had before.

This airdrop happened 11 hours ago so it's a brand new development.

It's good news to me and for all sports aficionados.

Now you can start using #sportstalk tag again too ;)

I don't know if the SPORTS tokens a re already supported fully yet they already are present on the Hive-Engine.

Good work, @sportstalksocial!

Now would be a good time to add another announcement to the four weeks old We Are Adopting Hive Hard Fork.

Ps: the images are still hosted at You should change it to some independent storage service...

Better and better


Addendum #1

The rewards are already coming in. I've also received some SPORTS and staked them immediately. Great!