Buy Buy Buy, Stake, Stake, Stake : More Sports tokens

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More of it has just been added to my account. My target at the moment is to meet a stake of 1M sports tokens. It will be a big and crazy move actually, but am willing to buy into it. I love this community and I solely want to invest in it. So here it is, bought more sports today and yes, staked all of them.

Last time I bought 55k and today I decided to make it x4, yes that's big.
201,000 sports tokens pulled out of the markets and stake to my account here, which will be used to curate good sport contents.

Order sent




Staking process:



Here you can see that my sport tokens has been staked :)


Job done for now, see ya.
And remember, Buy up sport tokens and stake, there's no gain in selling these tokens off at such a low price, be wise ;)


Welcome to SportsTalkSocial, @espandor!
You will see people who are passionate about different sports. I'm passionate about martial arts. Most of the time, I write about that.

Hope you will like it here. :)

Yes @rezoanulvibes that would be nice. And yes, I'd prolly buy more once I get more BCH swapped to Hive.

Wise decision @espandor. You can also earn Sports tokens from upvotes to your content. Suggest you post interesting content regularly. There are enough of us here to upvote good posts.

Yes, that's what I intend to use my power for, so I will always be on feeds for sport contents.

Cool to see as a fellow staker of Sports tokens. I just passed the 100k mark and will continue staking :)

What sport need now is just a dedicated that pushes updates frequently like the Leo team of CTP

Yea, that is cool. Am aiming at 1M stake as soon as possible

Way to guy dude!
I see doing well. Keep the spirit high and you might be amazed at how far you would go

Don't just watch me do it, you can as well dive in :)

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