Introducing a new sports man!

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Hello Everyone.
I'm Justin, Teenager, Crypto Lover and a sports man...

A friend of mine told about this platform that's all just about sports and sports.
At first I imagined what it would look at but on getting here, I'll be honest that it's much more than I thought!
I dig in to sports a lot, mainly a football fan, English premiere League to the exactly.
I was always longing for a place where everyone can just stick around and discuss stuffs, like sport talks...

And now here I am, this is literally sports talk mind blowing. I think this platform is really up for a good start, looking to break sport analyst together to teach and learn from each other, and equally earn, that's an amazing idea and I just lobe it!

Aside from being a football fan, I also dig in athletics, you stuffs that has to do with running and also am entirely an Olympic fan. Reason being that I love literally every sports in that competition including ; running, high jump, javelin, discus, acrobatics, just literally everything. Also a fan of fitness, yeah I exercise on a daily...

I would have started off by making a sports post but I thought of it, that is wouldn't look nice to just jump in without a proper introduction, I just hope that is fine by everyone.
It's a pleasure to be here and I promise you all some interesting topics in the sports world... Just stick around!


Welcome, and I look forward to reading your blogs :-)

Thank you so much... You won't regret visiting...

Glad to have you on board and will look out for you.

Thank you, i will be coming up with interesting topics...

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