Sport Review #1 : Kabaddi - Tag and Tackle

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Hey sports men, it's one hectic Saturday, but sure I always find a way to squeeze out some me time, so here I am chilling, so you all can join me as I introduce and officially kick start my daily Sport Review post. The whole aim for this daily post is to bring in some crazy and mostly wired kinda Sports out there and we can discuss on them, I must say that I really knew nothing about the sport am about presenting today, so here am already learning, now we can all learn new sports together, maybe practice them, but I doubt we would wanna try this one, lol.


Woo, I've not yet said anything about it and the name is literally freaking me out. Kabaddi is a game mostly played by the Asians, there's quite a similarity with the usual but most especially friendly Tag-you're-it game, but what makes it different is that 'we kinda feel safe playing TAG right?

Oh well, Kabaddi is a game of sticks and stones, unlike the usual Tag game, Kabaddi is played by 7 players, the motive of this game is what I really don't understand, 7 players playing means 14 players all together, and get this, initially a player from one team has to go into the opponents court, tag all the players and make it back without being Tackled. That's silly right? Like how the heck am I supposed to tag 7 players and make it back untouched? That's like running into a dungeon, tag all the seven dragons and make it out without being burnt into ashes, I mean it's not like one of the dragons would recognize me as though I watched Merlin regularly and fell in love with his dragon, maybe stand up for me and help me accomplish this mission, haha mission impossible. 😅

images 41.jpeg

let me go jerk, I know this is extreme sport but I never asked for any of this

LOL, that is what I can just imagine this guy in the picture is saying. Tag and Tackle is how this Asian game rolls, if your team member is tagged, you'd have to tackle the tagger (in a more professional sport term the "Raider")

Team members get eliminated once tagged or tackled. However, they can be brought back when their team mate tags or tackles the opponent player as well.

This weird and extreme game has some roots in India, It is the national game of Bangladesh and Nepal, having originated in Ancient India. Kabaddi has a world cup hosted yearly and India happens to win year after year or most of the time. Research says its in the UK, I don't know how it's up and going there, but down here in Africa, this is totally new.

Just to add more extreme credits to this game, I heard you have to hold your exhaled breath while tagging all the opponents, you'd have to tag everyone and get back to your court without being tackled while making sure you don't breath along the line.

The Moment Of Truth : Sport Review.

After all the blurts on this one, it's now time to round up the review by giving some thoughts about this sport, is it by any way a favorite to be kinda sport?

My thoughts : although I've been somehow bad talking this Asian game, I honestly like the idea. I mean the usual TAG Game is kinda boring if you look at it, it's better I get a chance to crush my opponent by knock out, lol. So it's one of those sports I'd love to watch often.

What's your thoughts on this?


Sounds like an interesting and really hard sport. I might look into it later when I have time.

initially a player from one team has to go into the opponents court, tag all the players and make it back without being Tackled

Sounds impossible for me. I feel like I would catch maybe 1 or 2 people but they are constantly moving.

hold your exhaled breath while tagging all the opponents

I would not last if I had to hold my breath catching one or two moving people.

That's why it is called extreme sport hahaha, I think it is a good form of exercise as though completing the quest is very hard and that will require the body to work over its limit. It's a really nice physical exercise.

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